Mass entries in TimeClick

April 17th, 2015

Creating TimeClick entries for multiple employees at once

If you need to enter the same time for multiple employees in a department or across your entire workforce, TimeClick has an easy solution that will save you time and energy: Mass Entries.

The Mass Entries function gives you the ability to add a clock action for multiple employees. You can choose from Clock In, Clock Out, Begin Break, End Break, Holiday, Paid Time Off, Vacation, and Other clock actions, though the most commonly used for Mass Entry is giving Holiday pay and that is the process that this post will be covering.

The first step in using Mass Entries to give employees Holiday pay is to make sure that your employees are eligible to receive Holiday pay. To do this, open Administrative Mode and select Employees > Edit Employee Record > Select Employee’s Name > Misc Options, and then make sure that the box next to “Eligible – Holiday Pay” is checked (or ensure the employee is eligible for whatever pay type you’re entering). Repeat this process for any employee whose eligibility you’re unsure of.

Next, enter Administrative Mode and select Utilities > Mass Entries

Mass entries

  • Select a date for the entry. The date box only accepts numerical input, so don’t worry about adding dashes or slashes in between the month, day, or year.
  • Select a clock action. In this example, we’ll be selecting Holiday. Since we’re adding Holiday pay.
  • Next, add the Hours and Minutes, even if the entry for minutes is 00. If the 00 disappears after you enter it, don’t worry you can continue. Be sure to add an input for Minutes. Failure to do so will cause an error message to appear.
  • Select whether the action is AM, PM, or TT for Total Time. In this example, we’ll select TT, since we’re adding 8 Hours and 00 Minutes of Total Holiday Time.
  • You also have the option to write a message for the clock action that will appear on the reports, but this step is not required.

Setup for mass entries

Now you’ll be able to choose the employees for which you’ll add the clock action. You can check Select All Employees In Section or De-Select All Employees In Section to speed this process. Now, select Continue and you are finished.
Employee list

If you receive the following error, then you will need to repeat the process and add an input for the Minutes box.

Error message

Exporting TimeClick Reports into Excel

April 13th, 2015

Printed or PDF reports work fine for many, and TimeClick® allows for PDF and XPS electronic formats, but did you know the reports in version LE 12 can be extracted into a .CSV (Excel) file? From there, you can manipulate the data to suit your own needs or the importation requirements of your payroll program.

First, you’ll need to enable the extraction feature:

  1. Open TimeClick and enter the administration mode.
  2. Choose Preferences.
  3. Choose Passwords & Misc. Controls.
  4. Check the box labeled Create Data Extraction File.create extraction file
  5. Return to the Administrative Options
  6. Select Reports and run the report you need. Here, we are using the Combined Hours & OT.
  7. Review the report for errors, then close it.Run TimeClick Reports
  8. Return to the Select Desired Report Screen.
  9. Choose Open Extraction File. This creates and opens your .CSV.
  10. Save it to your computer and begin moving data, creating new formulas, or adding and subtracting columns and rows.

Here we have the Combined Hours and OT summary report, which has columns separating Regular, OT, Break, Vacation, Sick, PTO, Holiday, and Other hours:sample report

And here is that same employee timesheet report as an extraction file in Excel.

extraction file

You may just need to reorganize the data to fit your payroll importation, but let’s say we want to know the sum total number of hours recorded that were non-work hours i.e. Vacation, Sick, PTO, Holiday, and Other time —per employee and as a staff. After eliminating the unused (Break column) and other unnecessary rows and columns, we can label the headers and add formulas to sum Vacation, Sick, PTO, Holiday, and Other time, which is shown below. You could also perform functions such as sorting by department, hours worked, or overtime.

updated extraction fileAs you can see, we have a condensed version of the extraction with the non-worked hours by employee in new Column N and the simple formula displayed for Ben on Row 6. On Row 9 we have totals by type of hours. TimeClick’s .CSV extractions quickly and easily allow you to format your data. Whether it’s to integrate into your payroll or shed light on just how your workforce functions, these tools aren’t available in printed or PDF forms.

Printing Employee Timesheets — Video

April 8th, 2015

How to Save Report as a PDF/XPS

TimeClick can save any of the payroll reports as a PDF or XPS file. There are also other printer options, such as choosing from which printer you want to print or only printing a selected number of pages from the report. To learn how this is done watch this video and read the written instructions below.

Use the instructions below to save a report as a PDF, you’ll need to adjust a TimeClick form.

  1. Right Click on the TimeClick icon and choose open file location. This will take you to the TimeClick directory which is located by default in C:/Program Files/Hawkeye Technology Inc/).
  2. Find the TCForm file and open it by double clicking on it. You may be prompted to choose which program you would like to use to open the TCForm file. If so select Notepad.
  3. On the bottom line that reads SET PRT DIALOG change the 1 to a 3.
  4. And now save the changes by going to file, save, and then close out.

Now when you run a report in TimeClick, a new window will appear. You will need to select the print button to open a print preview screen.

After previewing your report, select the Print button in the upper left corner to select which printer to use.

From this screen you can select a printer or choose the XPS Document Writer, which comes pre-installed on any newer Windows PC, or chose a PDF Writer if you’d like to save the report as an XPS or PDF. You can also select the range of pages that you would like to print.

If you are saving the report as a PDF or XPS file, a dialog will open, allowing you to choose where you want to save the file.

Locking Computer Time/Date on a Windows Machine

March 30th, 2015


How to prevent Windows users from changing the computer time

Time theft is a significant concern when purchasing time card software. Whether you use TimeClick or a different solution, securing your system to prevent an employee from changing the clock time is imperative.

A single computer time clock does not have a time sync option and relys on the computer’s internal clock. Securing the time in this situation is simply a matter of being in control of who the computer allows to change the time settings. The following are steps to take control of your computer’s time changing privileges – and it doesn’t require a degree in IT to do it.

Default time settings for Windows Vista, 7, or 8

By default, all Administrators (as a group) can change date and time. Standard Users cannot.

What this means is that if you set up two accounts in Windows, an Administrator and a User, then the Administrator account is the only one that can change the internal clock time. Restricting the employees to the standard User account prevents them from having access to the time settings. In this scenario, keeping the clock secure is the same as withholding the Administrator password.

Enable or disable a user or administrator to change date and time

Note: This feature is only available on Windows Vista (Business, Ultimate, and Enterprise), Windows 7 (Pro, Ultimate, and Enterprise), and Windows RT, 8, and 8.1 (Pro and Enterprise).

Note: Must have administrator privileges.

Usually the default settings work well since a standard user can’t access the time settings. Sometimes, however, it makes sense to restrict the date and time privileges to a single administrator.

Step 1: Open Local Security Settings

  1. Click on the Windows Start button and enter secpol.msc into the search bar

Alternatively you may open Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Local security Policy

  1. Select Local Policies
  2. Double-click User Rights Assignment
  3. Double-click Change the system time


Step 2: Allow or Disallow Administrator and Users.

Note: Don’t remove LOCAL SERVICE!

Since the default is to allow all Administrators, we need to remove this group.

  1. Highlight Administrators in the Change the system time Properties
  2. Click Remove button.

Change System time properties

Now we will allow a specific administrator (instead of all administrators) to have exclusive access to date and time settings.

  1. Click on the Add User or Group… button
  2. Click on the Advanced… button
  3. Select users or groups

  4. Click on the Find Now button
  5. Select the name of the Administrator
    • Note: by default, groups are not shown. If you wish to re-add the entire Administrator group (Administrators) then you need to change the object type to include Groups by selecting Object Types…
  6. Click OK

Add Users

Note: The network version of TimeClick has a built-in feature to sync all clock actions with the server clock. An inaccessible server is usually a sufficient hindrance to would-be time thieves. If you are a TimeClick customer please contact the support team to make sure the time sync feature is properly configured.

TimeClick Introduces New Customizable Reports

March 27th, 2015

The difference between a product and solution is that a product is one-size-fits-all, while a solution is customizable. What sets TimeClick apart from the competition is the flexibility to fulfill your specific business needs. In a recent TimeClick update, we changed our backend to a Structured Query Language (SQL) database. This provides many advantages over the old system, including a more secure structure which prevents corruptions, has faster processing speeds, allows remote connectivity, and has a built in ODBC driver. Any users who have updated to the newest version of our software have seen these benefits. However, the use of the ODBC driver has been extremely underutilized. We are pleased to introduce customized employee time sheet reports using this built in ODBC driver.

What is an ODBC Driver?

ODBC stands for open database connectivity, and is a standard method used to access different types of databases including SQL. The accessed database needs a driver to interpret the stored data and then input that data into another program such as Excel, Access, or Crystal Reports. This function allows you to connect the TimeClick database to any program which utilizes ODBC connections, retrieve your employee time data in real time, and format the data in a way that you choose.

What Type of Customization Services is TimeClick Providing?

The programmers at TimeClick are now offering their custom services and will connect your database to an Excel worksheet, then create a customized report based on the requirements you set. For a small one-time fee, you can get a report that is uniquely tailored to fit your own business needs.

What Types of Customized Reports are Available?

The only limiting factors are the capabilities of the Excel application. We can rearrange and format the data in any way you like. A few examples of reports that we have created for other companies are listed below.

  • Alone time report – a chain of 24-hour convenience stores pays a late night premium after 11 pm. They pay an additional premium if the employee worked the late night shift alone, and then employees working on a holiday receive an additional premium on top of the others. Manually calculating payroll with all these different parameters took hours and finding a boxed product to accommodate all their needs was impossible.
  • Late report – each department within this company has a different schedule. They need to know which employees are adhering to that schedule and how often they come in late or early.
  • Off-site pay report – a bakery that sends employees to a market once or twice a week to sell their baked goods, pays a flat rate for the entire day spent at the market, but also pays hourly the other days of the week. Each employee receives a different flat rate. They also provide an hourly shift premium for Saturday hours.

In each of these unique circumstances, no off-the-shelf product fulfills their needs. TimeClick was able to provide a solution specific to their business needs at an affordable price. If you are interested in a custom report, please call our sales staff at 435-753-4102 and they will be able to go over pricing and analysis of the desired report.

Can I Utilize This Function Myself?

Yes. If you are interested in connecting to the TimeClick database from a third party program and performing your own customization, simply call our support staff and they will give you instructions on how establish the connection.

Moving Your TimeClick Workstation Licenses

March 20th, 2015

Changing the location of your time clock software

TimeClick© allows users to install the program onto any number of computers across your network or in remote locations, giving you the flexibility to pick the right license for your company. And if you find you need TimeClick to be accessible on more workstations to track employee time cards, upgrading is easy. Since technology is constantly improving, companies often need to upgrade their hardware and add new computers. You are allowed to move your TimeClick licenses around as often as you need. However, as this occurs, you need to unregister the old computer to free up the license for the new one.

If you need to take a computer off your license count, the process is simple:

1. Open TimeClick
2. Enter Administration Mode (enter Administration Password)
3. Select Utilities
4. Select Unregister Workstation
5. Select Unregister



Unregister WS

After you’ve unregistered the computer you can uninstall TimeClick as you would uninstall any program. It’s important to note that simply uninstalling TimeClick does NOT unregister the workstation from your license count; you must unregister the workstation through the process shown above.

Unfortunately things like system crashes or unexpected damage can make it difficult or impossible to unregister a workstation. If this happens, our support team can help. If you have exceeded your license limit and you have had a registered computer crash or become impossible to unregister, you can call or email our support team to reset your license count. Resetting TimeClick’s license count is covered by our Annual Support Plan but we understand that emergency situations do exist and we offer a one-time license reset as a courtesy to our customers who do not have a support plan.

To begin, you will need to log onto TimeClick on the computer it was installed on. This is usually installed on the server and is a grey icon.

1. Open TimeClick
2. Open Administration Mode (enter Administration Password)
3. Select Utilities
4. Select Transfer Key
5. Select Unregister Now
6. Make sure to write down the transfer key. You will need to give it to the support team.
7. Re-open TimeClick
8. Select Register now

At this point you will need to either call or email our support team (435.753.4102 or to give them the transfer key. Our support team will respond with your registration code and you will be able to enter that in and reregister your copy of TimeClick. Be sure to select the correct number of stations that matches the number of licenses you purchased.

After that, your license count will be reset and every workstation that opens TimeClick will claim a license on a first come, first served basis. There is no need to register your workstations; they will claim a license automatically.

TimeClick Social Media Giveaway

February 25th, 2015

At TimeClick we are grateful for our loyal customers and how you have spread the word about our product. We would like to reward your efforts with a chance to win one year of free technical support valued at $100.

  • Already have support? We will credit your account with one year’s free support.
  • Don’t need support? You can choose to have a $100 credit towards another purchase or upgrade of TimeClick.
  • If you are a partner you will receive a $100 credit towards your next sale.

We’ve already started collecting entries and you have until midnight, February 28th. A winner will be chosen in a random drawing on March 10th.

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Additional Details

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If you have any questions about how to enter, contact our sales staff at 435-753-4102 or

Rounding Employee Time to a Schedule

February 17th, 2015

In our time clock software TimeClick, we offer an employee schedule function which allows you to round an employee’s clock in/out times to scheduled start and end times. Make employees aware of this feature and they are not expected to perform actual work until their start time.  To locate this function, log into the Administration mode and click the “Employees” button, then “Edit Employee Record.” From there, you will select an employee and choose “Work Schedule.”

When you have successfully entered a start and end time for your employee, you can select the checkbox to “Adjust* To Normal Start Or End Time If Within: __ Minutes.” In the drop-down box you will select the desired 5, 10, or 15 minute interval within which the program will round the employee’s time to their normal start or end time.

For example, take John Appleseed. We have set John’s normal starting time to 8:00 a.m. We have also checked the box to “Adjust To Normal Start Or End Time” and set the number of minutes in the drop-down box to 10.




If John comes in each day at 7:51 a.m. to pick up a few extra minutes while he’s sitting around drinking his coffee, the report will round his clock in time to 8:00 a.m. Note that if John shows up late at 8:05 a.m. because he got stuck in line at the coffee shop, TimeClick will not round and his time. It will remain 8:05 a.m. on the reports. If John decides to stay a few minutes past his normal time, say, 5:08 p.m., his time will be rounded back to 5:00 p.m.  You can do this for employees that have a fixed schedule for each day or you can enter a custom daily schedule to cater to employees who may be scheduled at 7 a.m. on Mondays but 10:30 on Tuesdays.



Note that exact times will still be recorded in the time clock program. When you go to Modify Times in the administration mode and select an employee, you can view the exact clock in and out entries that they have made. If you need further explanation on employee’s work schedules, feel free to contact our support team via phone – (435) 732-4102, email, or live chat.




Printing Timesheets

January 5th, 2015

Understanding TimeClick LE 12’s New Printing Options

To make running employee time sheet reports an even easier process for you, TimeClick LE 12 allows you to set up different printing options. These options include saving reports as a PDF or .XPS file, selecting which printer you would like, and which pages of the report to print. Depending on how you manage your payroll, having the ability to save your reports as a PDF or .XPS makes it easier to share reports with payroll personnel and your payroll software.


Here is how to change your print options in a few simple steps:


1.  Right click on the TimeClick icon and choose Open file location.

-If you do not see Open file location, select open, and then select find target location.

-This will take you to the TimeClick directory which is normally located in C:/Program       Files/Hawkeye Technology Inc/


2.  Browse to the TCForm file and double click to open it. You may be prompted to choose which program you would like to use to open the TCForm file. If this window appears, select






  1. On the line that reads SETPRTDIALOG, change the 1 to a 3.





4.  And now save the changes by going to File, Save, and then close out of notepad.


Now, when you run a report on this computer, the following screen will appear.




Even though the print screen has appeared, TimeClick will still allow you to preview the report first before actually printing. To get to the print preview select print.

Once the report preview appears you can review the report and then click the print button in the upper left hand corner. The printer options screen will appear again, and then you can change printers, changes the pages to print or save the report.

In order to save the report, you will need to select the Microsoft XPS Document Writer or PDF lite as the printer.  An .XPS file is Microsoft’s version of a PDF and the XPS Document Writer comes pre-installed on any newer Windows PC. You may have to download the PDF lite from Adobe’s website if your computer doesn’t already have it. When you select print with the Microsoft XPS Document Writer or PDF Lite as the selected printer, it will let you choose to save the report in any specified location on your computer.


Modifying Times in the TimeClick Software

December 29th, 2014

If your employee forgets to clock in our out from our time clock program, our modify times feature allows you to easily correct and/or add missed times.  When times are modified or added, the software automatically creates an audit tracking record so that you can know what clock in and out times have been added or modified and who added or modified the time entries.


The following video will walk you through the various options in our modify times feature.