TimeClick Social Media Giveaway

February 25th, 2015

At TimeClick we are grateful for our loyal customers and how you have spread the word about our product. We would like to reward your efforts with a chance to win one year of free technical support valued at $100.

  • Already have support? We will credit your account with one year’s free support.
  • Don’t need support? You can choose to have a $100 credit towards another purchase or upgrade of TimeClick.
  • If you are a partner you will receive a $100 credit towards your next sale.

We’ve already started collecting entries and you have until midnight, February 28th. A winner will be chosen in a random drawing on March 10th.

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Additional Details

Submitting a review—Email us a review of TimeClick at Please include a title, company name , your name, and job title. Then tell us in a few sentences what you like best about the product, what you like least, recommendations to others evaluating the software, rate the ease of use, functionality, product quality, and technical support. By emailing us the review, you are authorizing Hawkeye Technology LLC to post the review with your first name and company name on our website and 3rd party websites.

Linking to our website—Go to and copy the code in the text box directly below the image you would like to display on your website. This shows you are a proud TimeClick user. Once the link is live, email us at letting us know that you have posted the link on your site and where we can find it. If you would like us to link back to you, send us a logo and description of your company and we will be happy to link to your site.

If you have any questions about how to enter, contact our sales staff at 435-753-4102 or

Rounding Employee Time to a Schedule

February 17th, 2015

In our time clock software TimeClick, we offer an employee schedule function which allows you to round an employee’s clock in/out times to scheduled start and end times. Make employees aware of this feature and they are not expected to perform actual work until their start time.  To locate this function, log into the Administration mode and click the “Employees” button, then “Edit Employee Record.” From there, you will select an employee and choose “Work Schedule.”

When you have successfully entered a start and end time for your employee, you can select the checkbox to “Adjust* To Normal Start Or End Time If Within: __ Minutes.” In the drop-down box you will select the desired 5, 10, or 15 minute interval within which the program will round the employee’s time to their normal start or end time.

For example, take John Appleseed. We have set John’s normal starting time to 8:00 a.m. We have also checked the box to “Adjust To Normal Start Or End Time” and set the number of minutes in the drop-down box to 10.




If John comes in each day at 7:51 a.m. to pick up a few extra minutes while he’s sitting around drinking his coffee, the report will round his clock in time to 8:00 a.m. Note that if John shows up late at 8:05 a.m. because he got stuck in line at the coffee shop, TimeClick will not round and his time. It will remain 8:05 a.m. on the reports. If John decides to stay a few minutes past his normal time, say, 5:08 p.m., his time will be rounded back to 5:00 p.m.  You can do this for employees that have a fixed schedule for each day or you can enter a custom daily schedule to cater to employees who may be scheduled at 7 a.m. on Mondays but 10:30 on Tuesdays.



Note that exact times will still be recorded in the time clock program. When you go to Modify Times in the administration mode and select an employee, you can view the exact clock in and out entries that they have made. If you need further explanation on employee’s work schedules, feel free to contact our support team via phone – (435) 732-4102, email, or live chat.




Printing Timesheets

January 5th, 2015

Understanding TimeClick LE 12’s New Printing Options

To make running employee time sheet reports an even easier process for you, TimeClick LE 12 allows you to set up different printing options. These options include saving reports as a PDF or .XPS file, selecting which printer you would like, and which pages of the report to print. Depending on how you manage your payroll, having the ability to save your reports as a PDF or .XPS makes it easier to share reports with payroll personnel and your payroll software.


Here is how to change your print options in a few simple steps:


1.  Right click on the TimeClick icon and choose Open file location.

-If you do not see Open file location, select open, and then select find target location.

-This will take you to the TimeClick directory which is normally located in C:/Program       Files/Hawkeye Technology Inc/


2.  Browse to the TCForm file and double click to open it. You may be prompted to choose which program you would like to use to open the TCForm file. If this window appears, select






  1. On the line that reads SETPRTDIALOG, change the 1 to a 3.





4.  And now save the changes by going to File, Save, and then close out of notepad.


Now, when you run a report on this computer, the following screen will appear.




Even though the print screen has appeared, TimeClick will still allow you to preview the report first before actually printing. To get to the print preview select print.

Once the report preview appears you can review the report and then click the print button in the upper left hand corner. The printer options screen will appear again, and then you can change printers, changes the pages to print or save the report.

In order to save the report, you will need to select the Microsoft XPS Document Writer or PDF lite as the printer.  An .XPS file is Microsoft’s version of a PDF and the XPS Document Writer comes pre-installed on any newer Windows PC. You may have to download the PDF lite from Adobe’s website if your computer doesn’t already have it. When you select print with the Microsoft XPS Document Writer or PDF Lite as the selected printer, it will let you choose to save the report in any specified location on your computer.


Modifying Times in the TimeClick Software

December 29th, 2014

If your employee forgets to clock in our out from our time clock program, our modify times feature allows you to easily correct and/or add missed times.  When times are modified or added, the software automatically creates an audit tracking record so that you can know what clock in and out times have been added or modified and who added or modified the time entries.


The following video will walk you through the various options in our modify times feature.


Getting Started Using Employee Time Clock Software

December 22nd, 2014

With any time clock program it is important that your employees know how to properly use the system. Getting started with TimeClick is easy. Your employees select their name and clock in and out.  As an administrator you can allow/disallow them to view certain portions of the system. For example you could allow them to view their hours, accruals, and submit PTO, vacation, or sick time.   Watch our employee training video to see how easy it is for employees to start using the program. To help get your company up and running quickly with TimeClick provide your employees with this link to the employee training video.


Understanding Different Levels of Administration

December 8th, 2014

Within TimeClick there are several different levels of administration that allow you to spread the work of administering TimeClick across different departments. Note that all three levels of administration are accessible with a  unique administrative password. Having multiple admin users makes it easier to split the work among others and ensures the proper tasks are assigned to the appropriate administrator. Each of the three administration modes can be open on any of the TimeClick computers by clicking the administration button, choosing the administration mode you would like to enter and then typing the password.

The first option is the main administration mode. This administrator will have access to everything in the time tracking system. This is where you will add and edit employees’ records, modify times, view reports, set preferences, and manage your accruals.

Next, you have the Level 2 – Restricted Administration mode. This will allow anyone with the appropriate password to view reports and/or modify times if the main administrator  allows them to do so. By default, the Level 2 administration is only able to view reports in TimeClick. You can, however, allow them to modify times by going into the main administration mode, selecting preferences then password and misc controls and then check the box that reads allow level 2 and department supervisors to modify times.

Last, there is a Department Supervisor administration level. Again, like a level 2 administration you can allow department heads the ability to just run reports or to modify times as well. In order to allow a department supervisor these administrative capabilities, you will first need to create the department, and then set them up as a department supervisor in the administration mode under Departments. After you’ve assigned an employee to be a department supervisor they will be able to access reports and modify times for employees listed within their department. The department supervisor(s) will be able to use their employee password to log in to this restricted area.

The different administration levels in our  system provide the flexibility needed to properly manage your growing workforce. If you need further assistance on using these option, please feel free to contact us by live chatting on our website, by email, or by phone (435)753-4102.

Timesheet Software Demo

November 25th, 2014

Want to see how TimeClick works without downloading our free trial?   Check out our latest demo video that gives you an overview of just some of the features our timesheet software has.  You will see how easy it is for both the employees and for the administrators to use.  Some of the features include:

  • Hours Tracking
  • Overtime Tracking
  • Accrual Tracking
  • Automatic Lunch Deduction
  • Payroll Export
  • Over 18 Different Time Reports



With a one-time purchase price our software is an affordable solution as you avoid subscription fees for web based time tracking software.   If you like what you see in our video try our free trial that allows you to track your own employees with our full featured software free for 30 days.



Understanding Weekly Overtime with Semi-monthly Pay Periods

November 18th, 2014

TimeClick® offers a smart overtime function for semi-monthly pay periods. If you’re calculating overtime on a weekly basis with a semi-monthly pay period for your employee time cards, you’ll want to read this to avoid confusion.

Overtime calculations can get confusing when you have a semi-monthly pay schedule. In the preferences menu you can set which day of the week your pay period begins. Semi-monthly pay periods begin on a different day each month, so this setting actually tells TimeClick® how to start calculating weekly overtime, but ignores it for the other purposes. For example, if you set the pay period to begin on Sunday, then the program will add up all the hours for an employee between Sunday and the following Saturday. If is the total is greater than the threshold amount (normally 40 hours) the employee will receive overtime. By calculating overtime on a weekly basis, you need a full week’s worth of time to calculate properly. Here is an example of a semi-monthly period where the week begins on a Sunday.




This occurs because in order to calculate the overtime from Sunday to Saturday, the week must be completed. The 1st through the 15th contains part of the week of the 12th-18th. Since this is not a full week, TimeClick® cannot complete the overtime calculation–it doesn’t know how many hours the employee will work on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This week’s overtime will be calculated on next pay period’s report.

The same situation occurred on last pay period’s report so the overtime for the 28th-4th was carried forward to the 1st-15th.  This does not mean that an employee’s total hours will include the 28th - 30th of September. Instead, TimeClick totals all the hours an employee worked from the 1st-15th. TimeClick® then calculates how many overtime hours the employee had the week of the 28th-4th and the 5th-11th. That total is the number of overtime hours on the report. In order to calculate the regular hours, TimeClick® takes the totals hours, subtracts the overtime hours and the remaining total is the regular hours.

Determining the overtime for semi-monthly pay periods can be confusing and difficult.  If you are still unclear about how to properly calculate overtime please contact us!


Export Employee Timesheet for Payroll

November 5th, 2014

With our latest release you can now easily export your employee timesheet from TimeClick to create an importable file for your payroll software.  Watch this video to see how easy it is:



Continue to watch our blog for the latest release updates on new features and payroll integration enhancements.

Best Time Card Software, TimeClick

July 16th, 2014

“TimeClick is the most efficient program to track your employees’ in and out times” – Top Ten Reviews

TimeClick has been rated the best time card software once again in Top Ten Review’s Time Card Software Review.  Why has TimeClick been rated as the best software?  Here is a quick synopsis.

The TimeClick software installs right on to your computers and the installation only takes about 5 minutes.  Once the software is installed your employee’s clock in and out from their computer replacing your manual punch clock machine or hand written records.

At the end of your payroll period an administrator will login to a secure administration area to print employee time cards or any of the 18 time and attendance software reports.  The software will automatically calculate your employees’ regular and overtime hours.

TimeClick offers a free trial which allows you to download the fully functional version for 30 days, to make sure it meets your company’s needs.

If you need help during the free trial you have unlimited access to our friendly U.S. based support team.  Our customer service has been praised by many reviewers and many users for the quality and helpfulness of the services provided.

Top Ten Reviews declared: “Hawkeye has an outstanding customer service department that is available via email, telephone or live chat.”

TimeClick user Diane wrote; “The support is incredible. TimeClick’s tech support is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and articulate. Compared to all the tech support I deal with, I would say TimeClick has the best.”

The best part is the low price of the software, starting at just $99; TimeClick is a onetime purchase price.  Pricing is based on the number of computers you install the software on and will track an unlimited number of employees on the single computer and network versions of the software.  With no monthly fees, TimeClick is more affordable than any online time tracking application that includes recurring monthly fees.

During our 21 years of developing software we have seen many companies come and go.   We have received phone calls from the frustrated users of defunct competitors who have disappeared.    With our increased growth year after year we will continue to develop great software for our thousands of clients and all the future companies which become TimeClick users giving them software that delivers on all their  needs.