3 Common Mistakes When Choosing Small Business Software (Part 1)

1) Not Seeing the Future

Small business software can be tricky when it comes to buying different licenses. As your company grows, your software needs to be able to grow right along with it. Take a customer database for example. At first you have just a few clients, easily manageable with a small, free piece of software or even a spreadsheet. Suddenly, you have hundreds of clients with vital data to store regarding each one. Your software is overloaded and your spreadsheet looks like a bowl of Japanese alphabet soup. When you are choosing the software for your company, choose a software that is designed not just for small businesses, but mid sized businesses as well. Make sure that if it designed to hold employee data, that it can hold an unlimited number of time cards without having to buy extra licenses. Also, if there are different levels of licenses available, don’t restrict yourself with a lower license just to save a few bucks, buy a license that will give you room to expand a little without breaking your budget.



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