3 Common Mistakes When Choosing Small Business Software (Part 2)

2) No Support or Expensive Support

The software you will be using to run your small business will hold very important, time-sensitive information. Be it an invoice or payroll software, the slightest computer glitch can cause your employees to be upset, customers to request refunds, and most importantly, money to be lost. When a server goes down the last thing you want to hear is your 20 year old tech guy say, “Sorry dude, looks like your data is pretty much toast.” Choose software that has a solid phone support system. Email support is affordable, but it usually takes 24 hours to get a reply. If your business is worth $200 an hour, how much is that really costing you? On the flip side, don’t pay an arm and a leg for phone support. Annual fees of $100-$200 are about average with per incident fees running about $50-$80 a pop. If someone wants to charge $200+ per incident or per hour for phone calls, be very weary. Their software better be perfection on a screen if it’s going to be worth it.



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