A Simple, Time-Saving Feature of TimeClick

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Did you know you can set TimeClick preferences up so that the dates for your current pay
period always show up as the default date range for you both when you run reports and when
you modify times?

One of our technicians was working with a client that had been using our time clock software for a number
of years and had never realized they weren’t utilizing one of TimeClick’s most convenient yet
simple features.

HOW TO: Set TimeClick Date Range Preferences

Step 1:
Enter TimeClick Administration Mode

Step 2:
Go to Preferences
On the right hand side of the screen you will see a section to enter a beginning and ending
date. Enter the dates here for any prior completed pay period. (If you want TimeClick to
always show the date range of your last pay period then check the box next to “Default
to Last Complete Pay Period”, otherwise it will default to the current pay period dates)

Step 3:
Click Finished
That’s it. Now that you have set that up TimeClick will automatically update the default date
range displayed when you are running reports or modifying times whether it’s next month or 10
years from now.



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