Advanced TimeClick Admin Settings – Part 3

1208792_correctTimeClick offers a few general preferences that all TimeClick administrators should be aware of and understand how they work. You can find these preferences by entering the TimeClick administration mode and selecting “Preferences”.

The preferences we will address are found in the bottom left hand corner of the preferences screen.


Allow Out of Sequence Corrections

This option will allow your employees to add missed clock actions if they mistakenly forget to clock in or out. For example if an employee comes to clock in, in the morning and has forgotten to clock out the previous evening he/she can select to clock in for that morning and TimeClick will then display a message stating that they are already clocked in. TimeClick will ask them if they forgot to clock out previously. The employee can then select “Yes” and TimeClick will take them to a screen where they will manually enter the missed clock action, they will also have to provide an explanation of why the clock action was missed. These entries in TimeClick are known as a “Manual Entry” and can be found on the regular employee timesheet with an explanation as well as in an audit report titled “Manual Entries” that you can find under the Audit Tools option in the TimeClick Administration Mode.



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