Changing the Name of an Employee in TimeClick

Has there been a marriage in the office? Maybe a legal name change? If this is the case, then you now need to change your employees name in TimeClick. The process to complete this change is simple, but can be hard to find at times. Let’s see how it’s done.

  1. First you will open TimeClick and enter Administration mode. This is done by clicking Administration in the tool bar at the top and selecting Enter Administration Mode.
  1. Enter your password to enter Administration Mode. If you have not set a password, the default is system
  1. This will pull up your administrative options. Select the third option down,
  1. This will pull up your Add/Edit Employee Records window. Select the third option down, Employee Name Change.


  1. This will bring up a list of all of your employees. From this list highlight (by clicking) the employee’s name you want to change, then click Select.
  1. You are now in the Name Change To edit your employee’s name click in the box and delete the existing information. Replace it with your employee’s new name.

You are done! You can now return to the main screen and select Refresh, which allows you to see the change.

Dave W.


Author Bio: Dave is a tech support and sales specialist for TimeClick. He loves snowboarding, reading, and homemade pizza. He is also an avid runner...he used to be anyways. Now if you catch him running he’s probably running away from his 17 nephews and nieces (armed with water balloons).

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