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Decimal vs Actual Time on Time Tracking Reports

When you look at a TimeClick report there are two totals on your employee timesheet; Actual and Decimal time.  Both the actual and decimal time totals have a specific purpose.  The actual total shows the total hours and minutes the employees worked.  The Decimal total shows the total hours worked and total minutes divided by 60.  This gives us their decimal hours worked.  The decimal hours worked is a significant number because by multiplying the total hours worked by the employees’ wage you get how much you owe your employee.

Decimal hours can be a big help to your company, however, often times decimal hours can be confusing.  For example; 12 hours and 20 minutes doesn’t equal 12.20 decimal hours.  The 20 minutes needs to be divided by 60, when this is done our number should be 12.33.




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