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Connecting Your TimeClick Clients to the Server

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There are times when due to your network settings the IP address of you server may change. If your server’s IP Address changes, you can set your workstations to connect to the server by entering the new IP Address in your workstation’s Client Configuration. This is especially useful if you’ve moved TimeClick to a new server or if your router has assigned your server a new IP address which causes a Fatal Error Column Not Found ACC_RECID to appear when you open TimeClick on the workstation. More information on this error can be found here.

If your IP address continues to change then you can set up a static IP for your server. More details are available in this article.

Here is  a video on how to change the client configuration with written instructions below.

Now you’ll need to enter the server’s IP address into your workstation computer’s client config.

If you’re running Windows 7 or Windows XP, select the Start Menu, All Programs, TimeClick, Client Config. If you’re running Windows 8 search for Client Config in the search bar and select it.

This will open the client configuration window. Select Change and enter the IP Address of your server. Enter 12010 for the port and select Connect and your workstation computer will now be able to connect to the database. Click on TimeClick to open and test the connection.

Before you begin you need to find your server computer’s internal IP address, which I covered in the video How to Find Your IP Address.

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