Employee Time Clock Software Install Files

Current Version: TimeClick 2018

TimeClick 2018

TimeClick LE 16

TimeClick LE 12

TimeClick LE SP1

TimeClick LE  

Older Versions

We do not redistribute the installers from old versions of TimeClick that have become unsupported. However, you still have the ability to move the licensing to new computers without the installer. Contact our support team for detailed instructions.

TimeClick LE 12 Push Install Using .MSI File

If you are installing TimeClick onto many workstations, you might find it useful to deploy the install using the .MSI file and the group policy. This allows you to install TimeClick to all of your workstation computers at once. Microsoft provides detailed instructions on how to do this. The steps are complex and most likely will require the assistance of an IT professional. You will need to provide your IT rep with the .MSI file found below. Note: this file is for the LE 12 client only.

TimeClick LE 12 .MSI file – http://timeclick.com/ht-install/v12/30221471/TC_MSI/TimeClickClient12.msi




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