Finding and Fixing Duplicate Entry Errors

TimeClick has an array of powerful tools you can use to save your company time and money. One of these tools is the TimeClick reports. Sometimes you will run a report and see the following:


This is a problem, because TimeClick can’t calculate an employee’s time totals if there is a Duplicate Error. If we take a closer look we can see the cause of the error.


There are two clocked out readings in a row.

Here is how to resolve the duplicate entry.

  1. Look for the date the Duplicate Entry occurred on. In our example it happened on the 22nd of March. Also remember which employee the error is under. (It’s possible that the problem entry could be in the day before the day labeled as the Duplicate Entry.)
  2. Once you have found the date of the duplicate, go back to the main Administration Menu and select Modify Times.
  3. Next, select which employee the error was under, then click Select.
  4. Select a date range that is one day before the date you found and one day after. In our example we would select the 21st through the 23rd.
  5. This will now pull up the days your employee worked in the range you specified. Click on the date of the error and click Modify A Day (if the duplicate does not show up, try the day before and the day after).
  6. You should see the selection of entries for the day. If there is an error, it will look something like this:


*Notice that there is 1 clock in but there are 3 clock outs

  1. Select the incorrect time(s) and click Select
  2. This pulls up a screen where you can either edit the selection or you can Delete the record. (If you need to you can change a Clock-in into to a Clock-out or a Clock-out into a Clock-in)


  1. After editing/deleting the inaccurate entries, go back to the main Administration menu and run another report. The report should be free of errors.

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Dave W.


Author Bio: Dave is a tech support and sales specialist for TimeClick. He loves snowboarding, reading, and homemade pizza. He is also an avid runner...he used to be anyways. Now if you catch him running he’s probably running away from his 17 nephews and nieces (armed with water balloons).

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