How to Backup Your TimeClick Database

Why do I need a backup?

TimeClick is an on premise timesheet program which means all of the time data is being stored on your system. When you install the TimeClick application a database is created on your computer to store all of your employee timesheet information. We do not have access to any of your files or records. Therefore backing up your database is important to prevent a loss of data. In the event of a computer crash you will be able to use the backup database that you made to restore the database that was lost.

Instructions for locating your database

The database is located on the TimeClick server computer. This computer will have a gray icon. The default location of the database is on the C: drive at C:\Hawkeye Technology Inc\TimeClick\Database.

The database will look like this.timeclick-database-location

This is the folder you need to ensure is being backed up.

Note: If you do not find the database folder on your C drive then that means during installation the database was stored elsewhere. Normally it is put on the root of another drive.

Automatically backing up your database

If you are using a backup system whether that is an online backup such as Carbonite, server backup, or saving to an external hard drive, then you need to ensure that this folder is included.

Manually backing up your database

Right click on the Database folder, select Send To, and then select Compressed Zipped Folder.

Rename the new .zip folder so that it bears the date of the backup.

Store this folder in a safe location, such as a backed up external hard drive, online storage, etc.

Congratulations you just backed up your database. If you have any problems or questions just contact our amazing support team.

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