How to Handle Lunch Breaks in TimeClick

Requiring employees to track their unpaid lunch time can be tedious for employees and burdensome for the administrators. Employees forget to clock out or in which means the administrator has to then manually fix their time. TimeClick® offers an Auto Lunch Deduction feature to make lunch time a no brainer for employees and administrators. Simply enter in the minimum number of hours an employee has to work to qualify for the deduction and TimeClick will automatically deduct your set number of minutes from your employee’s hours—no clocking out or clocking back in necessary.

If you would still like to keep track of the length of your employee’s lunch breaks, you can also have your employees use the paid break feature. Instead of clocking out or in, employees can select Begin Break and then Finish Break when they are back from lunch. This way, administrators can track their employee’s lunch hours without deducting the lunch break more than once.

Auto Lunch Deduction Setup

In order to set Auto Lunch Deduction up, simply open TimeClick and enter Administration Mode. Select Accruals & Misc > Setup Auto Lunch Deduction. This screen allows you to set both the number of minutes that will automatically be deduct and the number of hours that an employee must work before the deduction is made. In this example an employee has to work for a minimum of 4 hours before the program automatically takes 30 minutes off of that employee’s time for the day. Be sure to check the check box to activate the Auto Lunch Deduction.

TimeClick makes it easy to see the time deducted by Auto Lunch Deduction. The employee time card reports such as All Employee Hour and Overtime clearly show an employee’s Total Hours and right beneath it is the Hours After Lunch Deduction. This makes it very easy to see the difference between the total hours and the hours adjusted by the Auto Lunch Deduction if you need to make an adjustment manually.

Employee Time Card

Now you know the different strategies you can use to handle unpaid lunch breaks:

  • Simply have employees clock out and back in for their lunch breaks
  • Have the software take care of automatically taking the lunch time from their total hours worked
  • Track the total amount of time spent at lunch by having your employees use the break feature for lunch time and use Auto Lunch Deduction simultaneously


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Author Bio: Jeff is a tech support and sales representative for TimeClick. His educational background is in editing and design and he is currently pursuing another degree in Computer Science. Jeff spends most of his free time with his wife and four-year-old son or tinkering with random projects (graphic design, programming, woodworking—whatever he's into at the time).

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