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How to Move TimeClick From Windows XP

Note: Instructions are the same for any Windows operating system.

Back in April of 2014, Microsoft dropped support for Windows XP. For some companies, this isn’t an issue and their XP machines just keep on keeping on. For others, Microsoft’s lack of support updates poses potential security issues and it is time to upgrade to a new computer with a modern operating system.

If you are upgrading to a fancy new system, then the following instructions will guide you through moving your time card software from your old PC. It is important to note that the instructions are slightly different depending on whether you are moving the TimeClick Server/Database or a Client. You can determine which is on your XP computer by examining the color of the TimeClick icon. Blue is for Client. Grey is for Server/Database.


By the way, if you are interested in upgrading to our latest version of TimeClick, LE 12, this would be a great time to do so. You can check out pricing at http://www.timeclick.com/ecom-upgrade/order.php.

Note: Instructions are for TimeClick versions LE, LE SP1, and LE 12. You can check your version by opening TimeClick and selecting Help and About TimeClick.

Moving the Database – Grey TimeClick icon

In order to move your TimeClick License you must first get a transfer key from the old computer.  A transfer key can be obtained in the server application of TimeClick (the grey icon) by following the steps below:

Unregister Your Current Server

    1. Enter Administration Mode select Utilities, choose Transfer Key and then select Unregister Now

admin station enter admin

admin mode

server utilities


    1. Write down the Transfer Key as you will need it in order to receive a new registration code for the computer where you will be moving your TimeClick license

transfer key

  1. Close and do NOT reopen TimeClick

Moving the Database

  1. Copy all of the database files from your old computer EXCEPT for any of the TCDBConfig (3 or 4 files) and the CreateTCDB executable to your new computer
    • Note: the database is usually found in C:\Hawkeye Technology\TimeClick\Database
  2. Run the TC_Server install file you received when you purchased the software on the new computer
  3. You will copy and replace these files into the database folder on the new computer

Registering Your New Server

  1. You will need to email the following information to support@timeclick.com in order to receive a new registration code/password:
    • Your Transfer Key
    • Your new Registration Serial Number, which is found on the new install of TimeClick
    • Your company name under which TimeClick is registered
    • Your telephone number under which TimeClick is registered

Moving the Client – Blue Icon

If you are moving the TimeClick client then the first thing you need to do is unregister it. This will free up the license for when you install TimeClick on the new operating system.

Unregister the client

    1. Open TimeClick on the XP machine
    2. Sign in to admin mode

ws - enter admin mode

    1. Go to Utilities

ws - admin mode

    1. Click on Unregister Workstation

unregister workstation

    1. Click Unregister

unregister ws

Install Client on New Computer

  1. Run installer (if you need a copy of the install files then contact the support team)
  2. Open TimeClick by clicking on its blue icon on the desktop
  3. Enter the IP address of the computer with the TimeClick database
  4. The default port is 12010

And that’s all there is to it. If you need any assistance, the TimeClick support team is happy to work with you to make sure everything is done properly. Just give them a call at (435) 753-4102 or email support@timeclock.com.


Kevin V.


Author Bio: A TimeClick tech support and sales guy since Jan 2015. Aside from writing the occasional article on time clock software or office networks Kevin loves reading in all forms and cycling to work.

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