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How To Move Your Timeclock License From One Computer To Another For Free

We have had a lot of questions, from customers, about moving the TimeClick software from one computer to another.  Most customers are amazed when we explain that they can move TimeClick to a new computer without any cost.  Take the following examples to understand how your time tracking system can be moved.

  • If you have a current Technical Support plan a TimeClick Technical Support Representative can walk you through the whole process of moving TimeClick to a new computer.
  • If you do not have a Technical Support plan you have a couple options.  You will first need to unregister TimeClick from the computer that had previously ran TimeClick (detailed instructions on how to unregister TimeClick from either a server or a workstation can be found under the help contents option).  After unregistering TimeClick from a server the program will give you a transfer key number.  You will need this transfer key to register TimeClick to the new server.
  • If you are working with a workstation then you are done with everything, you can now create a shortcut on your new computer.  This is easily done by finding the Click8 folder (TimeClick directory) and create a shortcut to the file named “wstclk.exe”.
  • If you are replacing a server then you will need to copy over the whole Click8 folder to the new server.  Upon copying the Click8 folder to the new server you will create a shortcut to the file named “tclik.exe”.  TimeClick will need to be registered on this new server.  At this time we will ask you for your transfer key number.  If you don’t have a transfer key number and don’t have a technical support plan you will need to use a complimentary password.  Every customer that purchases TimeClick is given one complimentary password that they can use in case they weren’t able to obtain the transfer key number.  This complimentary password can only be used once.  The only time that a customer would have to pay for a password or pay to move TimeClick to a different computer is when they want to move TimeClick, after using their complimentary password, without a transfer key.

Some helpful hints for moving TimeClick:

  • Keep all your CDs or installation files after purchasing or upgrading TimeClick.
  • Always make backups of the Click8 folder or copy the TimeClick files.
  • Every time you “retire” a computer unregister TimeClick on that computer.  Make sure you do this in the TimeClick application and not under the control panel.  Like stated above the instructions for unregistering can be found in the help contents option.


For any other questions please call our support team.





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