Updating an Employee’s Status on the TimeClick Main Screen

Have you ever modified a time in TimeClick and noticed that it didn’t show up on the status screen? When an employee forgets to clock in/out or makes a mistake clocking in/out there are a few steps to fix the mistakes.  There is one step in this process that is often forgotten.  The Modify Times option in TimeClick is the option that allows you to add or fix any times that may have been missed.  However, after modifying a time the time doesn’t show the fixed or added time on the status screen  immediately.  In order for the changes made in Modify Times to show up on the status screen you will need to complete one more step.

1. Enter into Administration Mode

2. Select Modify Times

3. Select an Employee

4. Select the date range that applies to the employee you are updating

5. Select the date from the right hand side

6. Select the last action that was taken for that day

7. Towards the bottom you will now select the option that reads “Last Action – Update Employee Status”

8. Now go back to your main screen of TimeClick and select refresh.


Now that your main screen of TimeClick reflects the employees correct time you are all set to go.



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