Inactive Employees

TimeClick offers a few different options to handle inactive employees’ records and reports. You can keep the employee record in the database or delete the record entirely.
To terminate employees while keeping their record in your database: Enter Administration Mode >> Employees >> Edit Employee Record >> Select an employee >> Personal Information >> Enter a termination date. Click Ok > Finished back to the main screen > Refresh in the bottom right corner to remove the employee name from the main screen. If you add a termination date, the employee’s records will stay in the database so you can access it at any time but the employee will no longer show up on the main interface or reports unless you specify for them to in Report Preferences.

inactive employees 1

To access an inactive employee’s record enter Administration mode >> Employees >> Edit Employee Record and you will see that employee name in the list that comes up in the next window. To bring an employee back into activity in TimeClick enter their record and erase the Termination Date.

If you want to entirely remove an employee’s record from your database click Delete Record when you are in Edit Employee Record.

Note: If you delete a record it is erased from your database and cannot be recovered

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