Creating, Assigning, and Viewing Departments

TimeClick allows you to easily create and keep track of different departments. To create new departments enter Administration Mode>>Department>>Add New Department>>Enter department name>>Press icon to select supervisor by their employee number. Whomever you select as head of a department has power to run reports and/or modify times in a specific department. Someone outside of a specific department can be assigned as the department supervisor and be given access to running reports and/or modifying times in the department they are supervising.

You have the option to change who the department supervisor is by entering Administration Mode>>Department>>Edit Department>>select a department. At this point you will have a window with the supervisor’s employee number. Change the supervisor by clicking on the icon next to the text box and selecting an employee. In the bottom left you can delete the department as well. Note: deleting a department will not delete any employee records.



Allowing Department Supervisors to Modify Times

An administrator can change the restrictions on a department manager in Administration Mode>>Preferences>>Password & Misc. controls. There will be a box on the right side of the window saying “Level 2 & Dept. Heads Can Modify Times.”


Addition Admin Options

Department supervisors enter supervisor mode by clicking the Administration tab at the top of the main TimeClick screen and select the third item on the list “Department Supervisor.” They then select the department they are in charge of and type in their  password, which is their regular employee password.

Assigning Employees to a Department

To assign an employee to a department enter Administration mode>>Employees>>Edit Employee Record>>Select the employee. In the middle of that window there is a field labeled Department No. Click the icon next to this field to bring up a window with the list of departments with their numbers (the department number is automatically assigned in the order that the departments were created) where you can select the department the employee belongs to.

Changing Displaying Screen Based on Departments

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To have one department at a time listed on the main screen look at the top of the main screen where there are six different options listed next to the TimeClick logo. The first in the row is Departments. Click on this, select a department and the change in the main interface should immediately follow. To have all departments showing open the Department window again found on the main screen and select “Display All Departments.”

Set a Workstation Display a Single Department

To have one workstation default to display only one department right click on the TimeClick icon and select Properties. In the text field next to Target there will be a file pathway. At the end of the pathway after the last quotation mark, enter a space and the department number you want to always display on this computer. Select Apply then OK and open TimeClick.


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