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Creating TimeClick entries for multiple employees at once

If you need to enter the same time for multiple employees in a department or across your entire workforce, TimeClick has an easy solution that will save you time and energy: Mass Entries.

The Mass Entries function gives you the ability to add a clock action for multiple employees. You can choose from Clock In, Clock Out, Begin Break, End Break, Holiday, Paid Time Off, Vacation, and Other clock actions, though the most commonly used for Mass Entry is giving Holiday pay and that is the process that this post will be covering.

The first step in using Mass Entries to give employees Holiday pay is to make sure that your employees are eligible to receive Holiday pay. To do this, open Administrative Mode and select Employees > Edit Employee Record > Select Employee’s Name > Misc Options, and then make sure that the box next to “Eligible – Holiday Pay” is checked (or ensure the employee is eligible for whatever pay type you’re entering). Repeat this process for any employee whose eligibility you’re unsure of.

Next, enter Administrative Mode and select Utilities > Mass Entries

Mass entries

  • Select a date for the entry. The date box only accepts numerical input, so don’t worry about adding dashes or slashes in between the month, day, or year.
  • Select a clock action. In this example, we’ll be selecting Holiday. Since we’re adding Holiday pay.
  • Next, add the Hours and Minutes, even if the entry for minutes is 00. If the 00 disappears after you enter it, don’t worry you can continue. Be sure to add an input for Minutes. Failure to do so will cause an error message to appear.
  • Select whether the action is AM, PM, or TT for Total Time. In this example, we’ll select TT, since we’re adding 8 Hours and 00 Minutes of Total Holiday Time.
  • You also have the option to write a message for the clock action that will appear on the reports, but this step is not required.

Setup for mass entries

Now you’ll be able to choose the employees for which you’ll add the clock action. You can check Select All Employees In Section or De-Select All Employees In Section to speed this process. Now, select Continue and you are finished.
Employee list

If you receive the following error, then you will need to repeat the process and add an input for the Minutes box.

Error message

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