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Overtime Calculations on Your Employee Time Clock Software

One of the many features TimeClick has to offer is the ability to run a variety of different reports. This particular post is a quick overview on how to run Overtime Reports. TimeClick allows you calculate overtime by day, week, or any given date range. By following these easy steps below, you can save time and money as you let TimeClick make those overtime calculations for you!

To get started, navigate to the Administration Mode. Before we run reports we need to make your employees eligible to receive overtime and ensure your report overtime options are appropriately selected.

Step 1: Make Your Employees Eligible to Receive Overtime

On the main administration screen click the Employee button, then Edit Employee Record, and select the employee you desire to qualify for overtime. Click the Misc. Options box and select Eligible for OT. Hit Finish until you reach the Administration Options menu.

Step 2: Set Up Report Preferences

Select the Report Preferences button. These options will directly affect what information is provided on the reports and how overtime is calculated should reflect how your office awards overtime.Report OT Preferences

First, choose Calculate OT By Day or Calculate OT By Date Range/Week. Second, under the option you chose enter the minimum amount of hours and minutes needed to be worked, to qualify for overtime, into either the Day Reg Hrs & Min or Date Range Reg Hrs & Min. If you do weekly overtime then check the Calculate OT By Week in Date Range box.

Last, what does your office include in overtime calculations? We have preference options available for Vacation, Sick, Holiday, PTO, Unplanned PTO, and Bereavement time. Just check the boxes that you want included in overtime calculations.

Step 3: Run Your Overtime Report

When deciding to run reports, there are two reports that calculate overtime hours.

The first is located on the top right of the Report main menu, titled Overtime Hours. Once selected, the Overtime Hours report options window will appear. Adjust the date range, the amount of hours worked to qualify for overtime will already be entered from your report preferences, and make the appropriate selections before clicking Accept. A report preview will generate allowing you to view, print, or close your report.

Overtime Hours Report MenuCombined Hours and Overtime Report Menu

The second can be located by entering the Report main menu, clicking on Other Reports, then selecting Combined Hrs & OT. The convenience of running this report is it will generate three reports consecutively. The three reports it will run, in order, are the All Employee Hours Report, Overtime Hours Report, and Summary Report. When selecting the desired date range, there’s a check box that reads, Print Summary Report Only. Checking this box will skip the first two reports taking you directly to the Summary Report.

Important note if you are running TimeClick version LE 12 or older: When reviewing the Overtime Hours Report with a semi-monthly pay period, if a date range does not start at the beginning of the week the report will pull the full week because overtime was not previously accounted for on that partial week. TimeClick versions LE 16 and newer have been updated to account for a partial weeks overtime. If you have more questions we have an entire blog post about weekly overtime when you are running a semi-monthly pay period.

To learn about other TimeClick features or discover additional tips and tricks, visit this blog regularly or check out our Support Page.

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Author Bio: Chris is attending BYU-Idaho in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Web Design and Development with a minor in Business Management. He has been with TimeClick since August 2015. If he is not in the office, good luck finding him… He is probably on some mountain hiking or camping. He loves Lake Tahoe and believes you haven’t lived until you’ve visited at least once.

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