PBS™ Payroll from Passport Software Easily Integrates with TimeClick

Passport Software supports thousands of companies in saving money by securely processing payroll in-house. Their latest version encrypts and emails pay stubs to the employee for their private viewing using their personal password.

TimeClick hours worked data flows directly into PBS Payroll, simplifying and streamlining your payroll preparation.

One click and all your approved summarized time cards are imported and ready to run a payroll register. It really is that easy.

Saving Even More of Your Valuable Time and Money

For many companies, switching to in-house payroll may provide an ongoing ROI in as little as six months, due to cost savings with an outside payroll service.

And in truth, the company payroll person does all the work anyway. They prepare all the employee and pay data for the service. All the service does is print checks and make deposits.

PBS Payroll is comprehensive, easy-to-use, in-house payroll management software.

  • ACH Direct Deposit
  • Positive Pay
  • Email Paystubs to Employees in Batch
  • Handles Hourly and Salary Pay
  • Supports Special Deductions and Earnings
  • Accrues and tracks vacation, holiday and sick time

Included in PBS payroll is an optional ACA Compliance module. Simplify Affordable Care Act reporting, track and manage data throughout the year with Passport Software’s comprehensive ACA Reporting Software. Also, Passport Software’s industry-specific Food Service Payroll and ACA management solution fulfills payroll needs for restaurant and food service operations, as well as the Hospitality Industry in general. Manage different pay rates for employees performing multiple job functions in one shift as well as tips.

PBS Payroll software offers flexible settings to accommodate a variety of payroll functions and compliance with federal, state and local payroll regulations. Here are some of them:

Direct Deposit and Email Pay Stubs

Direct deposit creates electronic check deposits for employees. Employees pay may be divided between multiple bank accounts and debited by an amount per check, an amount per hour worked, a percentage per check, and balance of check.

If the full net pay amount is not being direct deposited, the remainder will print on a check. Pay stubs may be emailed securely to employees in batch, as well as individually for additional cost savings.

Federal and Multi-State/City Regulatory Withholding and Reporting

Payroll can handle not only Federal withholding, but also multi-state/multi-city payroll tax withholdings within a pay period. This allows an employee to be associated with more than one state or city for SUI ceilings, resident/non-resident taxes and handling of quarterly 941 reports and annual W-2s including electronic reporting.

Multiple Pay Rates

Multiple pay rates per employee handles shift differentials and employees with varying jobs and/or locations paying different rates within the same pay period. This is especially useful in such industries as construction, restaurants, and temporary employment agencies.

A different worker’s compensation code can be assigned to each employee rate, allowing you to easily calculate worker’s compensation based on tasks performed. You can easily override any employee’s special pay rate at transaction entry time.

Deductions and Earnings

Deductions and earnings codes can be calculated as percentage of earnings or flat amounts. Supplemental earnings can be calculated as a percentage of gross pay. Additional one-time deductions and earnings are allowed per pay period check.

More flexible methods of accruing vacation and sick time, such as by hours per quarter or hours worked (ideal for part time employees) are available.

Void Checks

Automatic or manual checks can be voided individually or by the entire check run.

You can void a single check or a range of checks based on check date (date written), pay frequency, cash account, payment group, department number, check numbers, or reference.

Profit Centers and Sub Accounts

You can easily designate employee wage accounts and sub accounts to track labor costs. You can also track employee labor by Job.


Payroll can function as a stand-alone module, and it generates a comprehensive array of management and regulatory reports and year-end information.

Payroll can also interface with Passport’s General Ledger and Check Reconciliation to reduce data entry. You can select whether to post distributions to General Ledger in summary (by date or period) or in detail.  It also interfaces with other PBS business software for a complete accounting solution.

This post was written by guest blogger Alix H. at TimeClick Software’s partner Passport Software, with contributors John Miller and Paul Solberg. Learn more about PBS Payroll and Accounting Software for Small Businesses and mid-sized companies.

Alix H.


Author Bio: Alix works for Passport Software, Inc. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Trinity University and an Integrated Marketing Communications Certificate from DePaul University. One of her favorite hobbies is binge watching stupid-fun comedies on Netflix - movies like Anchorman: The legend of Ron Burgundy and Rodney Dangerfield’s Back To School...hail to the Triple Lindy! Alix also plays a mean jazz flute.

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