Personalized Time Clock Reporting for Small Businesses

We were recently contacted by the Family Medical Group of Silverton, which was unable to solve their multi-office employee time card challenges with off-the-shelf software. TimeClick® has introduced a custom reporting function that allowed them to solve their complex time keeping problem. Here is how we met their unique needs.

Kathy, Finance Manager for the Family Medical Group of Silverton, writes:

Kathy's pulled quote

“Customized reports from Hawkeye Technology are time-saving and very affordable. They enhance the basic program, making it fit my unique needs. My responsibilities include payroll for two family practices and two urgent care facilities, all under one umbrella corporation. Each practice has separate employee time cards, but for overtime calculation we need the ability to combine hours for those who work at multiple locations. Hawkeye Technology has customized a spreadsheet for me that works in conjunction with TimeClick software to pull all of the information from individual employee records into one very simple, easy to read report. It has cut my payroll preparation time down by a minimum of 4 hours, as this was previously accomplished manually. After the initial program was in place, I worked with staff at Hawkeye who customized it even further for me. It was a pleasure working with them and very easy to communicate with the staff that implemented it and made the changes. The cost of the program was minimal and I have already recovered that with saved hours in the first month. I highly recommend Time Click software and encourage anyone who uses it to contact them for special reports that they are capable of preparing for your unique needs. It was just a one-time cost for the spreadsheet and will be invaluable to me in the future. In addition they made me a specialized spreadsheet to track my late employees using the work schedule features of Time Click, another time saving spreadsheet for me.”

The Power of Automation

Now, instead of adding up timesheets for each employee in all four practices, calculating overtime, and manually allocating it to the appropriate office, TimeClick’s powerful custom report performs all these calculations automatically. Whether your needs are basic or you have unique time keeping requirements, TimeClick can provide a solution to save you time and money.

Clayson S.


Author Bio: Clayson graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Statistics from Utah State University. He has been working at Hawkeye Technology LLC since Aug 2013. In the office he is known as the “Boy Scout” of customer service. He has an unhealthy obsession with the Utah Jazz. He still believes Michael Jordan pushed off, Derek Fisher lied and John Stockton is the greatest point guard ever.

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