Printing Employee Timesheets as a PDF or XPS — Video

How to Save Report as a PDF/XPS

TimeClick can save any of the timesheet reports as a PDF or XPS file. There are also other printer options, such as choosing from which printer you want to print or only printing a selected number of pages from the report. To learn how this is done watch this video and read the written instructions below.

Use the instructions below to save a report as a PDF, you’ll need to adjust a TimeClick form.

  1. Right Click on the TimeClick icon and choose open file location. This will take you to the TimeClick directory which is located by default in C:/Program Files/Hawkeye Technology Inc/).
  2. Find the TCForm file and open it by double clicking on it. You may be prompted to choose which program you would like to use to open the TCForm file. If so select Notepad.
  3. On the bottom line that reads SET PRT DIALOG change the 1 to a 3.
  4. And now save the changes by going to file, save, and then close out.

Now when you run a report in TimeClick, a new window will appear. You will need to select the print button to open a print preview screen.

After previewing your report, select the Print button in the upper left corner to select which printer to use.

From this screen you can select a printer or choose the XPS Document Writer, which comes pre-installed on any newer Windows PC, or chose a PDF Writer if you’d like to save the report as an XPS or PDF. You can also select the range of pages that you would like to print.

If you are saving the report as a PDF or XPS file, a dialog will open, allowing you to choose where you want to save the file.

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