Printing Timesheets

Understanding TimeClick LE 12’s New Printing Options

To make running employee time sheet reports an even easier process for you, TimeClick LE 12 allows you to set up different printing options. These options include saving reports as a PDF or .XPS file, selecting which printer you would like, and which pages of the report to print. Depending on how you manage your payroll, having the ability to save your reports as a PDF or .XPS makes it easier to share reports with payroll personnel and your payroll software.


Here is how to change your print options in a few simple steps:


1.  Right click on the TimeClick icon and choose Open file location.

-If you do not see Open file location, select open, and then select find target location.

-This will take you to the TimeClick directory which is normally located in C:/Program       Files/Hawkeye Technology Inc/


2.  Browse to the TCForm file and double click to open it. You may be prompted to choose which program you would like to use to open the TCForm file. If this window appears, select






  1. On the line that reads SETPRTDIALOG, change the 1 to a 3.





4.  And now save the changes by going to File, Save, and then close out of notepad.


Now, when you run a report on this computer, the following screen will appear.




Even though the print screen has appeared, TimeClick will still allow you to preview the report first before actually printing. To get to the print preview select print.

Once the report preview appears you can review the report and then click the print button in the upper left hand corner. The printer options screen will appear again, and then you can change printers, changes the pages to print or save the report.

In order to save the report, you will need to select the Microsoft XPS Document Writer or PDF lite as the printer.  An .XPS file is Microsoft’s version of a PDF and the XPS Document Writer comes pre-installed on any newer Windows PC. You may have to download the PDF lite from Adobe’s website if your computer doesn’t already have it. When you select print with the Microsoft XPS Document Writer or PDF Lite as the selected printer, it will let you choose to save the report in any specified location on your computer.


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