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Let’s face it, Fridays are supposed to be a good day.  I don’t care how bad your Saturday may appear, Friday is a day of looking forward to the weekend.  Ironically, some of the most stressful things also fall on Friday: turn in employee time cards, run payroll calculation, finish up projects and reports, etc.

Another fact is now matter how well things are planned, something always goes awry.  Let’s say it’s Friday, you are hurrying to get a giant to-do list done and get all the hours in for payroll.  Suddenly, you can’t log in to TimeClick.  Stressed and frustrated you wonder what to do…

Well, one of the truly beautiful aspects of TimeClick is the technical support that is available.  The support staff know TimeClick inside and out and are never stumped.  Available by phone or email, we’re here to make sure your weekend starts smoothly each and every week 🙂



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