Resetting License Count/Removing Old Computers from Your License

Note: this new feature is only found in LE 16. If you are on an older version follow the instructions in this previous blog post http://www.timeclick.com/blog/what-to-do-when-you-exceeded-your-license-limit-in-timeclick/.

To manage your license count enter Administration Mode>>Utilities>>Reset License Count. Click on “Reset License Count Now” which clears all computer names from the list of Licensed Computers except for the server (or the computer housing the TimeClick database). After doing this any computer you open TimeClick on will claim a space in the license count and the computer name will be added to the list. This process can be done as often as you need, and does not uninstall TimeClick, remove it from any computers, or require additional setup or reregistration.

Before License Count Reset:

reset license 1

After License Count Reset:

reset license 2

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