Save Time this Holiday Season with Time Clock Software

During the holidays, you’ve got plenty to keep you busy without having to calculate employee holiday hours and differential pay. Thank goodness there’s TimeClick software. With its mass entry mode, you can enter holiday time for all of your employees with a few simple clicks. This same feature can be used to set PTO, vacation, or bereavement, or to set the beginning or end of the shift. This is one of the many ways our time clock software gives you greater control over your employee time and accruals and frees your time to do what makes your business great.

Here’s how to enter holiday time using mass entries:

  1. Enter Administration Mode
  2. Select “Utilities” from the menu that appears.
  3. Select “Mass Entries.”
  4. Select the department you would like to enter holiday time for.
  5. Enter the date for the holiday.
  6. Enter the hours and minutes that the employees are to receive for the holiday.
  7. Type the description of the holiday (optional)
  8. Select “OK.”
  9. Select the employees that are eligible for holiday time.
  10. Select “Continue.”

That’s it. Now, you can let TimeClick spare you some stress and save you some time this holiday season.



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