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Have you ever had an employee forget to clock in or out for their shifts at work and find it out when you are running a timesheet report to input into your payroll software?  This can sometimes  cause you to take time to figure out what time they really showed up or left that day.  This just adds one more thing to your list to do before you can turn in Payroll.  But what if there was a feature that would allow and employee to input that time that they forgot to clock in or out?

Well TimeClick has a powerful Feature called “Allow Out-Of-Sequence Corrections”  This feature can help businesses using TimeClick manage their time tracking system more effectively.  You may think to yourself, how does this feature work, well here is  all the information you will need.

When employees accidentally do two of the same clock in actions in a row TimeClick will generate an error asking if they forgot to clock in/out; i.e. Employee clocks in for the day but forgets that night to clock out and the next day tries to clock in, but they are still technically clocked in.  If the “Allow Out-Of-Sequence Corrections” feature is selected it will allow the employee to fix their mistake from the previous day.  A box will open up and will allow the employee to enter in when they should have clocked out the day previous, they also need to leave a message as to why they didn’t clock out the night before.

To start using this feature enter into your administration mode, Select Preferences, and check the box “Allow Out-Of- Sequence Correction” and you are ready to go!

Sometimes employers will like this feature but they get worried about putting too much power into their employee’s hands.  Fortunately the TimeClick development team thought of this and made a report to view all the changes made by employees.  This report is found under administration mode, audit tools, and manual entries report.  This way employers don’t have to manage every time an employees make a mistake clocking in/out, however they can still check on their employees.

However if you are still worried you can always unselect the “Allow Out-Of-Sequence Corrections” or leave it unselected.  This will require the employee, after making a clock in/out error, get an employee with  TimeClick administrator authority to fix their time under the modify times* feature.

Please take a look at this feature and take a few minutes testing it out.  This will save your company time, and time means money!


*If you have questions about this feature please refer to TimeClick’s help contents or call TimeClick.





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