Spring 2012 Newsletter

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A Glimpse of TimeClick 11.0
Place a TimeClick logo on your website!

Do your Employees forget to clock out?

A Glimpse of TimeClick’s New Look

Take a sneak peek at TimeClick’s new look and the new changes that are coming your way. TimeClick’s new look is just a glimpse of the many changes to come in the following year.

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Place a TimeClick Logo on your Site!

Are you a proud user of TimeClick? Place our seal on your website and win!

1. Place our TimeClick logo on your website. Get Logo Here
2. Email us your link
3. We will link back you your site.

Prevent your employees from forgetting to clock out

Are you tired of having to fix your employees times? Follow these How To’s to solve your problems!

1. How to Allow Employee’s to fix their own time in TimeClick.
2. How to use our friendly printouts to record employee’s times.


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