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Terminating an Employee vs. Deleting an Employee Record

Having access to former employees’ work history is critical, and deleting an employee record is permanent. Once done, their hours cannot be recovered. However, crowding your time clock software with obsolete information is an equally poor option. The solution TimeClick® provides is the Termination Date. By completing this field in an employee’s record, we allow you to remove ex-employees from an active status, yet still retrieve their personal and hours information at any time, or even rehire them at a later date. Deleting an employee record is only recommended after a suffcient amount of time has passed, and you will not longer need their time records. Generally, you will want to wait at least two years before deleting employee records.

Recovering the hours for terminated employees

If you need to retrieve previous work information from a terminated employee, you can go about it in one of two ways.

Remove the termination date

The first method is to remove the termination date, run your desired report(s), then re-enter their termination date. To do this, log into the Administration Mode and go to Employees>>Edit Employee Record>>Personal Information. Enter a date (numerically only, TimeClick will format the slashes) and click “OK”. Once you refresh or reopen the program, the name of the former employee will appear on the main screen.

Employe Personal InformationThe Report Preferences

The second method is to include terminated employees when running a report. Enter Administration Mode and go to Report Preferences. Check the box for INCLUDE: Terminated Employees and run the desired reports as usual. You will see all your employees, including all terminated ones, on the time card report.

TimeClick Report Preferences

Since TimeClick allows an unlimited number of employees, you’ll never run out of room. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that the work history for all employees, past or present, can be accessed simply and at any time. We recommend keeping records for at least three years, but if you choose to do some “house cleaning” once in a while, you still have the freedom to completely delete employee files. From the Administrative Mode, go to Employees>>Edit Employee Record>>Delete Record. A bright red and yellow alert will ask you to confirm that you really want to erase the data.

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Author Bio: Mitch is currently a Support Technician for TimeClick and a senior at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business. His educational and work experience has led him to love working with and for others. Some of his personal interests are outdoor adventures, most all sports, and guitar.

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