Time Clock Audit Tools –Tracking Employees Clock In and Outs

If you purchase a network license of TimeClick, you are able to install it on multiple computers. Each computer connects to the same database; allowing your employees to clock in and out from any computer with TimeClick installed.

The audit tools feature allows you to track which computer your employees use to clock in and out. This can be useful for locating employees, as well as preventing employees from clocking each other in or out from their own computer.

To do this TimeClick creates a report called the Computer Name Log. Running the Computer Name Log will give you a report showing the name of the computer that the employee used to clock in or out.

Instructions to access the Computer Name Log:

  1. Enter Administration Mode

Entering Administration Mode

  1. Select Audit Tools

Administrative Options

  1. Select Computer Name Log

Audit Features

  1. Select the Employee

Employee Name List

  1. Enter the desired date rage List of clock records by date range

This will then open a report that will show you what computer the employee clock in or out from.

Computer Name Log ExampleThis report is employee specific. It will have the employee’s name at the top left. In the far left columns you will see all of the dates and times that the employee has a clock action. In the middle columns you can see which clock action they selected, and next to it the name of the computer where they the action took place. For example if you look at 9/11 you can see that the employee clocked in at 7:27 am at Dell0110. Then at 11:56 am the employee clocked out at OPTIPLEX9-0114.

Occasionally you may find a blank space instead of a computer name. For an example see 9/09 at 5:15pm. This means that an administrator has manually entered or changed the time. These changes can be viewed in the Modified Records Report.

The Computer Name Log report is just one of the many additional features that come with TimeClick. Make sure you take a look at the other features that TimeClick offers such as the System Date & Time log, the Manual Entries Report, the Modified Records Report, and the View Records Sequence.

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