TimeClick Accruals Part I — Setting Up Accruals

Note: This article is for TimeClick versions LE, LE SP1 and LE 12

TimeClick can track much more than an employee’s work hours or overtime hours. It can also be set up to automatically accrue and deduct sick, vacation, and PTO hours. Utilizing this feature will eliminate human error, save time doing payroll, and make your company more profitable.

The steps below will guide you through setting up TimeClick for tracking your employees’ accruals. (To manage your employee’s deductions see Part II – Adding and Deducting Accrual Hours)

First you need to determine how you want to accrue time and what kind of hours you want to accrue (sick, vacation, PTO). You have a couple of options:

  • Employees accrue hours based on hours worked
  • Employees accrue set amount every pay period

Once you have this information for each employee the next step is to enter it into the system.

Step 1 – Configure the Accruals Option

  1. Enter admin mode and select Accruals & Misc – this is where we are going to add the amounts the employees accrue.

You should notice that there are a few options here. All we care about right now is Categories by Hour and Categories by Pay Period.

TimeClick Accruals Menu


  1. Select either Categories by Hour or Categories by Pay Period.
  2. Make sure to check the Enable Accrual Feature checkbox.
  3. Later we will assign an employee to a category so that the system knows had to accrue their hours. Enter the hour amounts for each category.
  4. When everything looks good (see examples below) navigate back to the Admin Options menu.

Note: when entering hours, use decimal hours.

Categories by Hour – If your employees accumulate hours based on the number of hours they work.Accruals Rates for Hours Worked

Categories by Pay Period – If your employees accumulate a set amount every pay period.

Accruals Rates by Pay Period

Step 2 – Edit the Employee Record

Make your employees eligible. By design, TimeClick will only track PTO, vacation, and sick hours for employees that are made eligible.

  1. In the Admin Options menu select Employees
  2. Select Edit Employee Record
  3. Select an employee you want to accrue time for (you will need to do this for each employee)

You should now be looking at the employee record.

 Employee Record

First we are going to edit the Misc Options and check the boxes for everything that you wish to track.

  1. Click on Misc Options
  2. Select all checkboxes that apply
  3. Click Finished


Next select Accruals. As you can see, there are fields for PTO, vacation and sick hours. These fields will reflect the current amounts for the employee. You can manually edit these to reflect the current amounts for each employee. Once you select an accrual category, TimeClick will know how much time to add when you run the hours reports.

  1. Select the drop down and assign an accrual category for the employee
  2. Manually edit the PTO, vacation or sick hours fields to reflect the current amounts
  3. Click Finished

Quick tip: to see a snapshot of all your employees’ accrual amounts you can run the Accruals Report in the Other Reports section.

Employee Accrual

That’s it. Do the above for each employee and your accruals are ready to roll. See Part II – Adding and Deducting Accrual Hours for instructions on running accruals.

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Author Bio: A TimeClick tech support and sales guy since Jan 2015. Aside from writing the occasional article on time clock software or office networks Kevin loves reading in all forms and cycling to work.

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