TimeClick Fall Newsletter 2010

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We thank you for choosing TimeClick, American’s most popular time clock software. We are pleased to announce the release of a new version 10.3
TimeClick 10.3 Has Been Released!
  • Ability to track overnight employee hours
  • Combined hours report added to department supervisor login
  • Breakdown of all Misc. Hours on Combined Hours Report
  • Breakdown by week of Total Hours, Regular Hours, and Overtime Hours on Combined Report
  • Employee First Name and Department number added to Combined Hours Report
  • All combined report fields included in data extraction file
  • Scroll bars added to employee list screens for easier navigation

How Do I Upgrade to TimeClick 10.3?
Current Support Plan Holders
  • Send and email to support@timeclick.com with your name, office name and phone number to request your free download of TimeClick 10.3.
Users Without A Support Plan
  • Call 435-753-4102 or visit our website to order your TimeClick 10.3 Upgrade today.
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