TimeClick Introduces New Customizable Reports

The difference between a product and solution is that a product is one-size-fits-all, while a solution is customizable. What sets TimeClick apart from the competition is the flexibility to fulfill your specific business needs. In a recent TimeClick update, we changed our backend to a Structured Query Language (SQL) database. This provides many advantages over the old system, including a more secure structure which prevents corruptions, has faster processing speeds, allows remote connectivity, and has a built in ODBC driver. Any users who have updated to the newest version of our software have seen these benefits. However, the use of the ODBC driver has been extremely underutilized. We are pleased to introduce customized employee time sheet reports using this built in ODBC driver.

What is an ODBC Driver?

ODBC stands for open database connectivity, and is a standard method used to access different types of databases including SQL. The accessed database needs a driver to interpret the stored data and then input that data into another program such as Excel, Access, or Crystal Reports. This function allows you to connect the TimeClick database to any program which utilizes ODBC connections, retrieve your employee time data in real time, and format the data in a way that you choose.

What Type of Customization Services is TimeClick Providing?

The programmers at TimeClick are now offering their custom services and will connect your database to an Excel worksheet, then create a customized report based on the requirements you set. For a small one-time fee, you can get a report that is uniquely tailored to fit your own business needs.

What Types of Customized Reports are Available?

The only limiting factors are the capabilities of the Excel application. We can rearrange and format the data in any way you like. A few examples of reports that we have created for other companies are listed below.

  • Alone time report – a chain of 24-hour convenience stores pays a late night premium after 11 pm. They pay an additional premium if the employee worked the late night shift alone, and then employees working on a holiday receive an additional premium on top of the others. Manually calculating payroll with all these different parameters took hours and finding a boxed product to accommodate all their needs was impossible.
  • Late report – each department within this company has a different schedule. They need to know which employees are adhering to that schedule and how often they come in late or early.
  • Off-site pay report – a bakery that sends employees to a market once or twice a week to sell their baked goods, pays a flat rate for the entire day spent at the market, but also pays hourly the other days of the week. Each employee receives a different flat rate. They also provide an hourly shift premium for Saturday hours.

In each of these unique circumstances, no off-the-shelf product fulfills their needs. TimeClick was able to provide a solution specific to their business needs at an affordable price. If you are interested in a custom report, please call our sales staff at 435-753-4102 and they will be able to go over pricing and analysis of the desired report.

Can I Utilize This Function Myself?

Yes. If you are interested in connecting to the TimeClick database from a third party program and performing your own customization, simply call our support staff and they will give you instructions on how establish the connection.

Clayson S.


Author Bio: Clayson graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Statistics from Utah State University. He has been working at Hawkeye Technology LLC since Aug 2013. In the office he is known as the “Boy Scout” of customer service. He has an unhealthy obsession with the Utah Jazz. He still believes Michael Jordan pushed off, Derek Fisher lied and John Stockton is the greatest point guard ever.

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