TimeClick Pricing: What Your Time Clock Really Costs

If you’re interested in purchasing TimeClick for your time tracking needs, it’s important that you first understand TimeClick’s license sizes. We offer different licenses to keep costs as low as possible for our customers, so you don’t have to pay for licenses that you don’t need.

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You only pay once for TimeClick software

Before we dive into understanding the different TimeClick licenses, we need to get one thing straight. The most important thing that you need to understand about the price of TimeClick software is that you only pay it ONCE. No matter what license size you get, you are only paying a one-time fee for the software. After that one-time fee, it’s yours forever.

Now the software is truly a one-time fee, but you also have the option of purchasing a support plan, which is an additional annual fee, but it is completely optional. Purchasing a support plan gives you:

  • Unlimited technical support
  • Employee training
  • A yearly software upgrade that is included at no additional charge as long as you purchase a support plan at the same time as your TimeClick software

The upgrades alone make the support plan more than worth every penny.
So are we clear about the software being a one-time fee? Good!

And you understand that support plans are optional, but well worth the cost? Great!

Let’s talk about the different licenses. And by the way, all of this information is summarized in a handy table on our Features page.


First off, we have LITE. This license is $99 and if you have no more than 4 employees and you’re looking for a no frills time clock software, then this for you. TimeClick LITE installs on one computer and it supports up to 4 employees. It doesn’t support some of the more advanced time clock features such as accruals or auto lunch deduction, but it’s perfect if you just need to track a few employees’ time.

Single Computer

  • $199
  • Unlimited employees
  • Runs on 1 computer
  • Fully featured
  • Optional $89 Annual Support Plan

Have more than 4 employees or you need an advanced feature like tracking vacation, but you still want to keep costs as low as possible? That’s why we offer the Single Computer License. The Single Computer License is a full version of TimeClick that supports an unlimited number of employees. It runs on that one computer and can be used for clocking in and out in addition to any administrative needs such as running a report.

Every license size above LITE is fully featured, meaning that you can have unlimited employees and access to all of the advanced features that TimeClick has to offer, like accrual tracking, auto lunch deduction, exporting reports, and more.

Network Licenses

Next we have our Network Licenses. These licenses support multiple installations of TimeClick that run through your network. Every installation of TimeClick is a full version that can be used for employee clock actions and administrative responsibilities. These are based on the number of computers on which you’ll be installing TimeClick.

5 Computer License

  • $289
  • Runs on up to 5 computers
  • Optional $99 Annual Support Plan

10 Computer License

  • $329
  • Runs on up to 10 computers
  • Optional $109 Annual Support Plan

25 Computer License

  • $399
  • Runs on up to 25 computers
  • Optional $139 Annual Support Plan

50 Computer License

  • $499
  • Runs on up to 50 computers
  • Optional $185 Annual Support Plan

99 Computer License

  • $699
  • Runs on up to 99 computers
  • Optional $190 Annual Support Plan


Now you’ve learned the differences between the license sizes and you’re equipped to pick the right one for your business. So head over to our order page to get TimeClick today.

Jeff F.


Author Bio: Jeff is a tech support and sales representative for TimeClick. His educational background is in editing and design and he is currently pursuing another degree in Computer Science. Jeff spends most of his free time with his wife and four-year-old son or tinkering with random projects (graphic design, programming, woodworking—whatever he's into at the time).

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