TimeClick Quick Tip: Accruals Part 2 – How to deduct Used Time

Did you know that after an employee uses Accrued Time that TimeClick will keep track of the hours and deduct the hours?   Here are a few other FAQ’s About TimeClick Accruals:

1. How to deduct paid time off that has been used

2. How to add accrued time to employees Accounts

3. How Employees can view their current accrued hours

How to deduct paid time off that has been used?

When an employee uses their hours you will need to go into modify times to enter in the amount of hours they used. In modify times you modify a day and change the action to vacation, PTO or sick (You enter the total time and change the am, pm to TT, which stands for total time). In order to apply the accrual changes in the employee’s record you will need to run a report. Running a report allows you to review all the accrual changes you have made over a pay period and then implement all of those changes. The reports are found under other reports, Sick Hours, Vacation Hours, and PTO Hours. It is recommend you run these reports every pay period. When you run a report it will ask you whether you would like to review or update. It is recommend reviewing first then updating when running a second report. After updating the report if there were any hours used they will be taken out of the employees “bank”.

How do I add accrued time to employees account?

If your employee’s accrue per hour or per pay period, their hours will be added to their accrual bank in a similar way. When you run an all employee hours report, or an individual hours report the option to update or review will come up. We recommend reviewing first and updating second. When reviewing your hours you can see the updated accruals at the bottom of the report. When you update on these reports it will add the hours the employee has accrued to the employee’s bank. You can test it out. After running a report look at the employee’s bank and it will show the employee’s new total of accrued hours.

Can My employee view their current accrued hours?

On the status screen in the options button there is an option called Accrued Time Review. In this option employees by selecting their name and entering their password can view their bank of accruals.



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