TimeClick Quick Tip: Mass Entries

Mass entries is a very powerful tool TimeClick offers.  Knowing how to use it can save hours on entering in times.  Mass entries is specially designed to enter in time for a group of employees.  For example; often times a company will give their employees Christmas off.  With mass entries you can go in and select a department, select what day it is, and explain the reason why they are getting the time off.

How to enter a Mass entry:

  1. Enter Administration Mode
  2. Select Utilities
  3. Select Mass Entries
  4. Select certain departments Or All Department
  5. Enter in the date that you want to add along with the time and Action
  6. Then you can select all employees or select employees to receive this entry

Note: If you don’t have any departments created you can select “all Departments” and it will select all of your Employees.



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