TimeClick QuickTip: How to Setup Auto Lunch Deduction

988403_club_sandwich_2Employee hours tracking isn’t easy then add in the complication of breaks and lunch and it becomes even more complicated.  TimeClick offers an automatic lunch deduction feature that you can enable for all employees. Here’s how:

Step 1
Enter TimeClick’s Administration Mode

Step 2
Select Accruals & Miscellaneous

Step 3
Select Setup Auto Lunch Deduction

Step 4
Check the box next to “Check to Use Auto Lunch Deduction”

Step 5
Next you just have to enter the number of minutes you want deducted for each work day in the first box. Then in the second box enter the minimum number of hours an employee must work in order for the lunch deduction to apply.

Step 6
Click Finished.

Now when you run an “All Employee Hours Report” or an “Individual Hours Report” you will see the Adjusted total at the bottom of each employee’s time breakdown. This adjusted total will have already subtracted the time for the automatic lunch deduction.



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