TimeClick Winter 2015 Newsletter


Our Customer Survey Results

Survey ResultsTimeClick recently did a survey across its entire customer base to find out what features our customers would most like to have in upcoming releases of our software. We were overwhelmed and grateful at the terrific response we received and we will be releasing great new time tracking solutions based on this feedback. However, many of the suggestions we received were for features that TimeClick currently offers. Were you aware that TimeClick includes an instruction manual? Are you familiar with TimeClick’s rounding features or setting up work schedules?

To see a list of the most requested features that TimeClick currently has, check out our post and see if there are any ways that you can streamline your TimeClick experience.

Check Out Our New Look

New Website ImageWe’ve updated our website www.timeclick.com to give our customers the best online experience yet. Not only has the entire site navigation and design been streamlined, reducing the clutter and making our website even easier to use, but we’ve added helpful articles and updated special features like our blog. Now you’ll be able to learn the most useful tips and tricks about TimeClick software even more easily.

The next time you find yourself online, please take a look. And while you’re there, check out our YouTube channel. We have over 30 training videos that are full of tips and tricks to help you and your employees get the most out of your TimeClick experience.

On the Lighter Side

TelephoneOver the holiday season, John, the owner of the company, received a call on his cell phone at 8:30 on a Sunday morning. He answers and the caller asks if he has reached xxx-xxx-xxxx. John confirms that he has and the caller tells him that he has an unidentified charge on his American Express statement which references this number.

Now John is bewildered and curious. The caller tells him it is listed as Hawkeye Technology, LLC. Eureka, now we’re getting somewhere! John identifies Hawkeye Technology as the developer of TimeClick and the caller says “Now I remember, and yes we did make that purchase recently.” Now John is a very service-oriented and involved guy, so of course he asks how TimeClick is working for the customer. “Very well! Thank you, and I am sorry for bothering you on Sunday morning.” “No problem!” John replies. “You are welcome to call and talk with the owners of Hawkeye anytime.”

Well, the contact information has now been corrected with the merchant, but if any of our customers want to tell John what a great job we’re doing, his cell phone number is…



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