Winter 2016 Company Newsletter

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New Customer Support Hours

We have found that a majority of our TimeClick users reside in the Eastern Time zone and our office is located in the Mountain Time zone, two hours behind those east coast offices. Because many of our customer calls come first thing in the morning we have decided to accommodate more of our users by changing our office hours from 8-5 to 7-4 Mountain Standard time. Our only request is that you be patient with our support staff as they may not be completely awake at 7:00 am.

Latest TimeClick Release Date

Each year we release an update of TimeClick and this year’s update was scheduled to be released in December. However, during the beta test we came across some issues that needed to be resolved before the upgrade can be released to all of our users.

We apologize for not completing our promise and we will be releasing the update as early in 2016 as possible. If your support plan has lapsed in 2015 and you did not receive an update, we will honor that and give you the next update regardless.  Even though we missed our 2015 deadline we are extremely excited for what is coming in this release and you should be too! Here is a quick preview:

  • QuickBooks Payroll Integration
  • Manage Licenses within TimeClick
  • Interface Design Update
  • Set Workstation to Display One Department Only
  • Updated Semi-Monthly OT Reports

Look Back on 2015

Like your business, TimeClick relies on our customers to help us grow. We are very appreciative of the support you have given us this year and hope you will continue to do so. As we get ready for a brand new year of time tracking, here are a few of the milestones from 2015:

Have a great new year!


Clayson S.


Author Bio: Clayson graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Statistics from Utah State University. He has been working at Hawkeye Technology LLC since Aug 2013. In the office he is known as the “Boy Scout” of customer service. He has an unhealthy obsession with the Utah Jazz. He still believes Michael Jordan pushed off, Derek Fisher lied and John Stockton is the greatest point guard ever.

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