TimeClick’s Retail Management and Back Office Accounting Partner

TimeClick® provides time clock software solutions for virtually every industry. Several hundred TimeClick users are retail businesses that have unique software needs. Most require a robust point of sale system that can handle order tracking, layaways, inventory tracking, mobile purchasing, stock management and much more. In an effort to help accommodate these businesses and streamline our time reporting process, we have recently partnered with a software company that specializes in retail management.

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Passport Software Inc – Business Solutions

Last year, Hawkeye Technology, LLC. partnered with Passport Software Inc. They are the creators of CashPoint, which is an integrated back office accounting solution for NCR Counterpoint users based on the Passport Business Solutions (PBS) Financials. NCR Counterpoint provides a comprehensive management solution that is built for all types of retail environments. It provides robust inventory management, a touch screen POS system, automated purchasing, and much more.

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CashPoint – Back Office Accounting Software

NCR Counterpoint handles the point of sale and data collection, but it does not provide a cash management or back office accounting solution. CashPoint’s offers the tightest integration available, and provides NCR Counterpoint users with a robust, secure accounting solution that eliminates cumbersome imports, exports, redundant data entry, and improves your efficiency. It includes Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Check Reconciliation, and an optional Payroll solution with direct deposit to complete your cash management integration.

For retail businesses who are not NCR Counterpoint users, Passport Business Solutions provides their standard accounting package which can be customized to work with other retail management programs.

TimeClick- Employee Time Card Software

In order to manage a business’s cash flow, not only do you need to track and manage your inventory and sales, but other expenses such as employee time. Payroll is usually the largest expense a company faces. TimeClick allows you to accurately collect employee time data and then display it in a format which is easy to use and understand. We now offer integration with CashPoint’s payroll system. Having your employee time and retail point of sale records all in one place allows you manage your company’s cash flow like never before.

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Author Bio: Clayson graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Statistics from Utah State University. He has been working at Hawkeye Technology LLC since Aug 2013. In the office he is known as the “Boy Scout” of customer service. He has an unhealthy obsession with the Utah Jazz. He still believes Michael Jordan pushed off, Derek Fisher lied and John Stockton is the greatest point guard ever.

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