TimeSheet Software for Accounting Firms

First of all, I would like to define some of the basic functions of an accounting firm. Accounting firms provide a set of services ranging from individual tax preparation, tax consulting, and auditing services. While regular business hours are typically followed, variations from a 9-5 schedule are not uncommon. The very nature of accounting services forces you to assume that a deadline is involved. Audit teams may work extended hours to complete an audit report and anyone with half a brain knows that accountants don’t sleep during tax season.

Whether being paid salary or hourly, or even for billing purposes, just about everyone in the profession will benefit from tracking time spent on the job. With accurate recording and reporting being the foundations of accounting, it’s hard to imagine an argument against using timesheet software in the accounting profession.

Timesheet software comes in all shapes and sizes (so to speak). We are probably familiar with the punch clock, finger scans, and all forms in between. I’ve even been employed at a job where the method was signing my name and filling in number of hours worked that day. Scary, I know!  In this post, I would like to emphasize the advantage of timesheet software above traditional methods.

Technology is advancing at an amazing pace. It’s either, get on board or get left behind. New employees in the workplace will on average know more about technology and gadgets than we ever did. Proof; my one-year-old son knows how to unlock and make phone calls on my cell phone. The same is true with the accounting profession. Advanced tax software and databases allow for much more accurate and efficient processes. I would argue that every CPA and/or their employees have a need for a computer at some point during the day. This is why using timesheet software is a perfect fit. Cupid himself would be hard pressed to find a better match.

Timesheet software has the ability to be ever evolving, as the technology we use inevitably is. Programmable software can adapt and change to fit the needs of the profession. Employees would be able to keep accurate time records whether they are away on an audit, working from home, or simply at the office.  Software is easy to manage and records can be (with appropriate access) easily modified. Have you ever had to write additional notes on your time card explaining why you forgot to clock in? Editing those cards can be a hassle. With software, modifications and notes can be made with ease and allow administrators/managers to review and approve changes. I could write forever about the benefits to using timesheet software, the possibilities are literally endless. Instead of writing more, I offer a challenge to the accounting profession. If you have not already discovered the advantages of using timesheet software, now is the time.




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