Totaling Hours and Minutes on Employee Timesheets

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Manually totaling timesheets is a time consuming process, and adding up hours and minutes can be downright painful. The TimeClick® reports provide daily totals and totals for the pay period in hours and minutes and decimal hours. However, if you’re in a situation where you’re required to manually add up the hours and minutes here are some steps to properly do so.

Since hours and minutes are in the base 60 instead of base 10, totaling a week’s worth of time is not as easy as summing the hours and minutes together.

  1. Add the hours together
  2. Add the minutes together
  3. If the total number of minutes is greater than 60 then do the following:
    • Subtract 60 from the number of minutes
    • Add 1 to the total hours
    • Continue this process until the total number of minutes is less than 60

Here is an example using a timesheet created by TimeClick:

Employee TimesheetLet’s follow the steps above for adding the following time together: 8:07+8:01+8:17+8:31+7:59.

  1. Add hours together 8+8+8+8+7= 39 Hours
  2. Add minutes together 7+1+17+31+59=115 Minutes
  3. Total number of minutes is greater than 60
    • Subtract 60 from minutes 115-60=55 Minutes
    • Add 1 to the total hours 39+1=40 Hours

The final total is 40 hours and 55 minutes which is the same amount that TimeClick automatically calculated at bottom of the report. The process outlined above can cut the time you spend adding hours and minutes manually, but keep in mind that it’s easy to make a mistake when performing these calculations and you always have the option to have a timesheet program such as TimeClick handle the tedious calculations for you without having to worry about the possibility of mistakes.

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