Unregistering a TimeClick Workstation

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Here is a quick video tutorial on how to remove a workstation from your TimeClick license. This is a required process to move TimeClick to a new computer.

If you need to uninstall TimeClick from a workstation, you will need to unregister your computer from the TimeClick database to free up that computer’s license. It is important to note that uninstalling TimeClick will not unregister that computer from the TimeClick database. It must be unregistered before uninstalling.

First, you’ll need select the blue TimeClick icon on the computer you want to unregister.

  • Enter Administration Mode
  • Select Utilities
  • Choose Unregister Workstation
  • Click Unregister

Your workstation is now unregistered. Reopening TimeClick on this computer at anytime will cause the program to reclaim its license, so be sure to uninstall TimeClick.

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