What Can A Dog Teach Us About Business?


You’ve heard it said before. A dog is a man’s best friend.  What is it that makes our four legged furry friends so lovable?  Owners of dogs love them so much that they will pet them, bathe them, feed them, allow them to sleep on their beds, and even clean up their backyard mess!

We can learn a lot about business from paying attention to our fellow canine friends.  In fact, that is the number one thing we can learn from them: how to be friends.  When a dog sees you they will run, jump, and wiggle back and forth to get your attention.  They will try very hard to get close to you, so that you can see how excited they are to have you home.  Many owners have even noted that while their dog thinks they are away, they will catch their dog patiently waiting by the window or the door, just to see their owner return from work.

One of the reasons many people love dogs is because it’s hard to get this kind of loyalty and attention anywhere else.  Isn’t there some kind of a business lesson we can learn from them?

You may have sometimes found yourself answering the phone with a rather dull voice, slightly slouched over in your office chair “Hello, how can I help you? …. Ok Mr. Anderson, let me check on that. One moment … Thanks for calling, bye.”  But how much of a difference would it make if we greeted our customers and associates with similar enthusiasm that we learn from our furry friends? For example, “Hello how can I help you? Mr. Anderson! It’s so great to hear from you, I was just thinking about calling and checking up with you! How has your holiday been going? …  Yes I’ll place that order through as soon as possible, have a great weekend!!”

Try adding an extra dose of enthusiasm when talking to your customers. You can also make them feel like you have been waiting for them to call, and that their business is the most important thing in the world. Even though your customers can’t see a wagging tail, they will be able to feel your excitement through your tone of voice.  Your customers will start to see you as a friend instead of a salesman, and they’ll see your business as the most loyal one around. 

Brett R.


Author Bio: Brett is a sales and tech support representative for TImeClick. He likes studying religion, science, and business. When not at work, school, or on the tennis court, he is usually playing his Takemine acoustic guitar. Currently working on a bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Utah State University.

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