What to Do When One Employee Just Isn’t Cutting It (Part 1)

So you’ve got a business, and its going well. You’ve put your heart and soul into helping it grow, and a few months ago you actually hired an employee. But that wasn’t too hard was it? He/she works right along side you so you don’t have to wonder about how many hours they worked, no real supervision is required, and you don’t have to worry much about mistakes. But now you’ve got more orders coming in and more jobs to complete than you ever expected to have. You need employees, but are worried about all that phrase might entail. Have no fear, here are a few quick tips.

First, get a time and attendance software. Most small business experts would agree that some form of  software is the best way to go. They require no additional hardware or equipment, are super-accurate, and are very easily available. Download a few demos and try them out, see which one fits your needs the best. As you shop, remember two things. One, if you’ve hired this many employees, you will likely need to hire more! Make sure that if you get time tracking system that it allows for unlimited employees. Sometimes employers are unpleasantly surprised with a hefty upgrade fee when they reach their employee limit. Second, this process is not always the easiest. Make sure you don’t just come up with a quick fix that will require even more time and attention in a few months when you outgrow that system and you have to transfer all your old data to the new system.



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