What to Do When One Employee Just Isn’t Cutting It (Part 2)

Next, make sure each employee has a pre-determined set of duties, especially a list of “down-time” work that they can start on if you aren’t around to supervise once they finish other tasks. If you have three employees or a hundred, let each employee know exactly what is their duty in the company and help them see how that fits into the overall picture of the company. This will help them feel a sense of purpose and need in your organization and will also give them direction when they have nothing to do.

Finally, remember that because you aren’t doing everything in the business, things are not going to be perfect. Your employees are going to make mistakes and may do things differently than you ever have done them before. Be open to their suggestions and new ways of doing things. Have patience when they aren’t doing things perfectly and don’t be too hard on them simply because you wouldn’t have done it that way. Last, but not least, get out of the office. That is the point of hiring employees, to do the work, so you can enjoy running the business. Take time to get involved in your community and business culture. Go to conferences and meetings and learn how to further improve your business.



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