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What to Do When You Exceed Your License Limit

The Workstation Registration Error is a common error message if you are moving your TimeClick licenses or adding new computer. This could have you a little worried, but you don’t need to fear. We will walk through the steps needed to get TimeClick up and working.

This is the error that will appear if you have exceeded your license count:License Count Exceeded

This can happen for two different reasons.

One reason could be that you are trying to use TimeClick on more computers than your license size permits. If this is the case you can call TimeClick at (435) 753-4102 and tell us that you want to upgrade to a larger time clock software license. It will only take a few minutes to upgrade you to a larger license and get TimeClick to work properly.

The other reason you could get this error message is if you used to have TimeClick registered to a computer that you no longer use or that you removed. In this case you might have a large enough license for your TimeClick needs, but you have unused workstations cluttering up your license count.

If this is the case you will need to unregister your TimeClick server. At this point TimeClick will be unusable by your server and workstation computers. You will then need to contact us during our business hours to reregister TimeClick.

Here are the steps for unregistering TimeClick.

1) You will need to open TimeClick on the computer the database is installed on. This is usually installed on the server and has a grey icon. Enter Administration Mode > Select Utilities > Select Transfer Key > Select Unregister Now.

2) If you are moving TimeClick to a different computer you will need to write down the Transfer Key that it gives you so that you can give it to the TimeClick support staff when you contact them. If you are not moving TimeClick to a different computer you don’t need to write down the transfer key.

3) Close and re-open TimeClick

4) Select Register Now

5) At this point you can email our support staff at support@timeclick.com or call us at (435) 753-4102 and provide us with your company name, phone number and serial number found on the Register Now screen. Then we will provide you with a new registration code that you will use to register TimeClick.

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Author Bio: Brett is a sales and tech support representative for TImeClick. He likes studying religion, science, and business. When not at work, school, or on the tennis court, he is usually playing his Takemine acoustic guitar. Currently working on a bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Utah State University.

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