Free Time Card Calculator

Instructions: Enter an employee's time worked for the week. Then click the Calculate button to display the totals for the week. You can print a hardcopy by clicking on the Print button below.

Add the employee's name and the beginning date range for the time sheet to make it more professional.

Time In Time Out Time In Time Out Break/Lunch Total
Sunday : : : : : 0.00
Monday : : : : : 0.00
Tuesday : : : : : 0.00
Wednesday : : : : : 0.00
Thursday : : : : : 0.00
Friday : : : : : 0.00
Saturday : : : : : 0.00
OT Preferences: Daily OT min. hrs Weekly OT min. hrs Regular Hrs:
Total OT:

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Calculator Notes

  • Overtime: The calculator will accept daily or weekly overtime minimums in hours. If you enter daily and weekly minimums then the calculator will award the higher of the two.
  • Break/Lunch: This is a total time, or duration of time in hours and minutes (hh:mm). For example, if your employee took a 15 minute break then type in 0 for hrs and 15 for the minutes.
  • Clear: The clear button will remove all time data and totals from the sheet, effectively resetting it to it's orginal state.
  • Print: Click on the print button and choose a printer.
  • Email PDF Copy: If you want to save it to a PDF then select the Email button. You will be asked for an email address to send the PDF copy to. This can be handy for sending time sheets to employees or your payroll admininistrator.

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