Attendance Software

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Why Your Business Needs This Type of Software

Most small businesses do not require anything more than a computer to setup an attendance software system, and by automating employee attendance tracking you will easily be able to manage your growing workforce.

  • Track when employees are at work – The principle purpose for an attendance program is to track which days employees are working. Quickly run an attendance report for the week, month, or year and get an accurate list of days worked.
  • Do more than track attendance – While the main purpose of the software is to track when employees are at work, most programs will do much more than that, including tracking hours worked, providing vacation and sick accruals, rounding times, and employee scheduling.
  • Monitor when and where employees clock in/out – Quickly check the times and location that  employees arrive and leave work, ensuring that employees are coming and going as they are scheduled and that each department is adequately staffed.
  • Labor law compliance – Government labor laws and regulations continue to get progressively more complicated. An attendance system will help to ensure that you are adhering to all of Uncle Sam’s latest and greatest mandates.
  • Live employee monitoring – With a quick glance at your computer screen you can see which employees are working, on break, out sick, or on vacation, saving you the hassle of searching the  building for someone who isn’t there.

There are literally thousands of different options when choosing software, each with different features, pricing models, and hosting platforms. Choosing a product that best suits your business is not always easy, but doing your homework beforehand can ensure you get the right product the first time.


Choosing the Best Solution for Your Business

  • Use review sites – There are numerous sites which perform independent reviews of the programs or provide a forum for users to post their thoughts on different products. This is a great place to start to get an idea of different products’ capabilities as well as their limitations. Customer feedback can be invaluable, and odds are if clients in similar circumstances to yours liked a product, you will too.
  • Research the company – After you have decided on a few potential options, it is good to know with whom you are doing business. Find out how long the company has been in business, what size businesses they normally service, and which industries they cater to. Companies who have been around longer than 10 years tend to have the best products and most satisfied customers.
  • Feature requirements – Make a list of all the features you must have and a list of the “would be nice” to have features. Find products that match as closely to your list as possible. You obviously want a product that has the features you need, but if you don’t need all the bells whistles there is no sense paying for them.
  • How they make money – Each company is designed to make money. Be sure to know how each one structures their pricing. Some charge one-time fees while others charge  monthly or yearly recurring fees. Some base their price on the number of employees and some on the number of computers. Check into initial setup costs as well as upgrade fees and support pricing.
  • Try before you buy – Most programs will offer some sort of trial or demo that you can test before you purchase their product. This provides a great opportunity to ensure that the product is user friendly and has all functionality you need. This process should be free. Be wary of any site that is asking you for a credit card to use their “free trial”.
  • Growth potential – The goal is for your business is growth. Growth provides additional managerial difficulties. Select a program that has the potential to grow as you do. You do not want to find yourself searching for an attendance system in a couple years just because you outgrew the old one.
  • Additional hardware required – Some systems require additional hardware to use the product, which translates into a higher price for you. The ideal system will run on the equipment you already own, so check the system requirements. Biometric devices such as card swipes or finger print scanners can be nice add-ons in certain circumstances, but they can cost a pretty penny.
  • Integration ­– Find out if they have additional products they design and integrate with their system, or if they will integrate with your other software programs. Having the ability to export data to PDF or Excel format gives you the ability to manage and manipulate the time data with greater flexibility and allows for importation into most other platforms.


TimeClick Software Solution

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