3 Reasons You Need an Attendance Time Clock

by Admin

Many businesses find themselves without an easy way to track employee hours. An attendance time clock can be the remedy for business owners’ headaches.  It will save them money, time, and help them comply with state and federal labor laws.


Control Labor Costs

For most businesses, labor is their single largest expense.  With wages, benefits, and taxes accounting for this disproportionate amount, labor cost deserves greater scrutiny.  Automated tracking will help prevent time mismanagement and theft by making employees more accountable for their punctuality, the lengths of their breaks, and the accuracy of their reported hours.  Management can monitor employee hours in real time and accordingly prevent unnecessary and costly overtime.


Accounting or human resource staffs will spend far less time processing attendance data and be far more accurate—studies show the frequency of mistakes in manual time tracking can be as great as 3%.These errors directly cost money and leave a company vulnerable to expensive labor claims.  Save money by making sure your largest investment is also your most efficient.


Time Savings

A surprising number of businesses still find themselves manual calculating employee hours from a punchclock. Migrating to automated software can save a business owner hours in processing time clock data.  Once the system is automated, the entire process is simplified exponentially.

  • Employees clock in and out securely and accurately, from the locations you designate.
  • Hours can be quickly totaled for any desired interval—daily, yearly, or anything in between.
  • Administrators can make corrections in seconds, with complete audit records for accountability.
  • Sick time, vacation, or other PTO can be recorded quickly and instantly accessible in the reports.
  • Accruals are automatically updated to reflect both accumulations and deductions.
  • Payroll reports can be reviewed, printed for approval, or exported directly to payroll software or services with just a few mouse clicks.

Combined, these streamlined steps will save your business countless hours and personnel resources over manual tracking methods.


Labor law compliance

A time clock program is an invaluable tool for ensuring your business complies with state and federal labor regulations.  Automated time clocks help management ensure pay policies are consistent for all employees and can be configured to calculate overtime using the standards established by your state.  At the federal level, the recent Affordable Care Act mandates that you are able to identify full time employees—something which is nightmarish for manual methods, but a breeze for an effective automated system.  Weekly reports, paid breaks, automatic lunch deduction, and equitable rounding features are helpful for tracking compliance in these areas, while robust audit features maintain accurate data.  This meticulous record keeping gives your employees confidence in the system and allows you to defend your company from false claims.  Equip your business with the necessary tools to ensure governmental regulation compliance.


Too frequently, businesses lack an effective method of recording and processing employees’ hours. The solution is an automated time clock system that tracks employee time and attendance.  TimeClick® has been saving businesses money for over twenty years.  Our software will slice hours from your payroll processing and easily track complex accruals.  Even with new guidelines like the Affordable Care Act, we can help you comply with state and federal legislation.  Try TimeClick® free for 30 days and sample the benefits for yourself.





“We have had it 6-7 months and love it! It is a high-quality product for an affordable price. The thing I like best about TimeClick is that it is really easy to use! With my old clock-in software, it would take me hours to total up all of the times manually. With TimeClick, I just run the report and everything is perfect! It takes just a few minutes with TimeClick!”—Michele, Annoni & White Dentistry